Bicycle couriers


Delivery of parcels and goods bicycle courier in Lviv quickly and reliably

Bicycle couriers in Lviv.

(Bicycle couriers in Lviv)

Lviv Ukraine

460    full engOur service will help you to call a courier to everywhere in the city.

To make an order please read the tariffs and the timetable under "Fees and Schedule" and fill out the form in the same section. If you have additional questions ask about information on the phone given above.


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Bicycle courier service aims to develop bicycle deliveries in all cities of Ukraine, where there is the possibility and necessity of these types of courier services as well as a bicycle is an alternative means of transport, promoting environmental protection, maintenance of urban ecology.

Against the background of the price of fuel, the development bicycle courier services bring also economic potential. Delivery with bikes are often cheaper, faster and more mobile than the classic types of deliveries within cities.

We invite you to use the services of bicycle couriers:

Contracts, letters, bills.1 ducumentu

It is necessary to transfer to a partner an agreement to sign, documents to review, or bills to the client? We will help you quickly and confidently!


The parcels, packages.2 banderoli

Do you want to pass sweets, books, things, or anything else to your friends, family or colleagues? Contact us!


Tickets and tours. 3 kvutku 1

It is necessary to purchase a ticket on the train, the plane, in the theater or to take a trip, and you do not have time to escape from work? We will do it for you and deliver you your tickets!

Polygraphy.4 poligrafia

You ordered business cards, flyers, posters, etc., but do not have time to take them out of the printing industry. It will do for you our bike couriers!


Items from online stores.

5 TovaruNow you can easily get the goods from the online store, or you, the owners - will deliver it to the customer and even get reverse pay.


Medicines.6 Medukamentu

You are sick and can not go to the pharmacy? Contact us and we will purchase for you everything you need and deliver to your door!

Food items.7 Produktu

You do not have time to go shopping at the supermarket, or just do not want to leave the house? Call us and we will help you with the shopping!


Flowers and gifts.8 Podarynku

Do you want to pass sweets, books, things, or anything else to your friends, family or colleagues? Contact us!


Things that you have forgotten.9 Rechi

Forgot your keysat home,or mobile, jacket and so on. We will help you - pick and bring everything you need!

The advantages of our bicycle couriers


Instant delivery.10 Muttieva 1

Мгновенная доставка
We will deliver your urgent order within an hour (depending on the district of the city).


Traffic jams is not an obstacle.11 Korku

In our city there is no bicycle traffic jams and car traffic jams on the road is not an obstacle for bicycle courier.


Ecological.12 Ekologichnist

We do not burn fuel and does not pollute the environment. Cycling is friendly to environment!


Reliability.13 Nadiinist

We employ only reliable and responsible bike courier who can be trusted!


Delivery after hours.14 Ne Robochui

Check with us beforehand and we will fulfill your order, even after hours.


Delivery from hands in hands.15 Iz ruk v ruki

We'll make sure that your shipment got from you directly to the recipient.


Transversalism.16 Vseosignist

Our bicycle couriers will deliver the order anywhere you want (pedestrian streets, warehouses, etc.)


Low cost.17 Vartist 1

We do not spend money on fuel, and depreciation of a bike is much cheaper than cars

Guarantee of our bicycle couriers service


Timely delivery.18 Vchsno

We will deliver your order clearly agreed with you in time or shipping costs will be lower.


Privacy.20 Zberegennia

We guarantee the confidentiality of your data and your package and we are responsible for every one of our courier!


Saving parcel.19 Konfidencijno

We care about your parcel and guarantee its integrity and safety!


The responsibility for the parcel.21 Vidpovidalnist

We take full financial responsibility for your parcel, in accordance with the terms of the contract.




Insurance.21 Vidpovidalnist

All your goods and parcels are protected financially, because insured in one of the best insurance companies in Ukraine.


At the moment, our bike couriers are presented in such cities as: Lviv. We plan to create a courier service in Kyiv, Kharkiv, Odesa, Dnipropetrovsk and other cities.