Bicycle rental

Bicycle rental point in Kiev, Pushcha Vodytsya, Fedora Maksymenka str., 78   

(Bicycle rental points in Kyiv and Kyiv region)

Fedora Maksymenka str., 78

+38 (050) 388-27-09

How to find us in Pushch-Vodytya, Fedora Maksymenka str., 78:

Go from the metro station Akademmistechko by bus number 30/718k, or from the Nivky subway station by bus 719/226 to the end point called 14 Linia street. Then go to Fedora Maksymenka str., 78

Life is action - that's why we aren't seat in the garage, please call us before come, and agree time. You can call us from 08:30 till 21:30, Kyiv time :).

There are many beautiful places around this rental point is the start point where you can ride a bicycle.


A prerequisite for clients before to get Bicycle / accessories is the deposit.
As the deposit we accept:

  • MTB - €150/$200/5000 UAH
  • City bike - €100/$150/3000 UAH
  • Electric Bike/Electric Scooter - €300/$350/8000 UAH

Or you can leave VOLUNTARILY for storage as follows:

  • Your international passport + 250 UAH
  • Your driver's license + 500 UAH
  • Your ID passport + 250 UAH
  • 2 documents of the same person + 250 UAH

(250/500/2000 UAH left as deposit in the event of breakage of bicycle parts)

  • 1 bicycle = 1 deposit

We reserve the right to refuse to rent bicycles if:
- doubt about the authenticity of the documents,
- persons under 18 years,
- Persons who explicitly use alcohol or drugs

With us renting a bike you get a free helmet and lock (if necessary).

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Цены на каждой точке проката могут отличаться. Данные цены указаны для Киева и Киевской области.

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Аксессуары для велосипедов есть в наличии практически на всех пунктах проката.

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