Corporate bike rental

Renting bicycles for an event or corporate party is a great way to spend time with your employees or guests. Bicycles always attract attention and will be a decoration of your holiday or event.

Business bike rental can be used to organize:

  • cycling corporate party
  • bike tour
  • bike quests
  • multitours (part of the route by bike, part – for example, by kayaking)
  • conducting presentations and other events.

Cycling corporate party

A team-building event on bicycles is the key to an excellent cycling corporate party. It can be just a corporate bike ride for a small or large number of people, or a bike ride along a certain route, which ends with a picnic or a buffet table. Bike parties can include whatever you want. And we are ready to help in the organization. The total number of bicycles in our network at the moment is more than 1000 pieces.

Bike tours

Do you want to organize a bike tour for your employees? Are you many and everyone needs bicycles? Our bicycles are great for bike tours, get serviced on time and have an additional inspection by a bike mechanic before long trips. We often organize bike tours for our Ukrainian and foreign clients.

Bike Quests

Bicycle quests are a special kind of recreation that combines physical activity from cycling and mental relief from solving tasks. We can provide bicycles for your quest or design an escape room for you.

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