'Back to past' or Tweed run Autumn 2012 - as it were.

As we wrote before last Saturday was Bike Retro Cruise - English retro-style clothing lovers bicycle run - Tweed Run Fall 2012.

It was extremely nice to see, we can say, our regular customers who come to us for the second time from Dnepropetrovsk, and even been nominated for the prizes.

As noted by the organizers themselves, and many journalists this time Run became more bigger with more number of participants. Cruise pleasant and beautiful act resonates with more and more fans of bicycle culture and not only, bike beginners also joined to it.

Who came alone, who with his family, and some with friends on tandem bicycle

Tweed Run in the news 1+1 Channel. Look at 10 seconds of the 40th minute:

P.S. How friends were hurring to Run: