We found our 2012 client in 2012 year!

We found a 2012 th customer! The Client 2012 in 2012 year became Galina Shakhova from the city of Kiev. Galina came to us on 20.10.2012 to hire bicycle, with great desire to ride a bike while there is still warm and sunny days, and the leaves on the trees in our parks delight the eye with their variegated colors.

Our team kindly picked bicycle to Galina, bicycle with a female frame, and as optional accessories offered soft seat for easy and comfortable ride.

Before we said to Galina that she won a prize, and it is supposed to - a free bicycle rental for one day, we secretly asked her what was the motive for cycling, how long she riding, and how is she like to ride. By words of Galina itself, sustained interest to the bike she got in Nice, while riding along the sea on the Promenade des Anglais, when she stayed there with friends. This boulevard is 7 km long stretching from the airport to the Old City. Embankment, buried in flower beds and trees followed by planting of luxury, is the favorite place for a quiet and measured pastime since Victorian times. On the promenade lot's of bike rentals. Well, why not to ride? :)

Returning to Kiev, Galina with her friend-cyclist decided to continue involving to bike culture and ride to Pushcha-Voditsa . And then it was a surprise and a small photo session! ..

Thank you very much guys for a pleasant and unexpected gift.
Bike by the way, very comfortable.
Special thanks for the pics!
I'm just become your loyal customer!
Sincerely,         Galina

And we are always happy to such a positive clients! Once again, please accept our sincere congratulations! Thanks for share with us our values ​​- promoting the bicycle as an active leisure and environmentally-friendly vehicles!
We hope you and your friends more than once we have seen in the rental!

Bonus video: Nice about