Corporate events. Bad weather is not a reason to cancel the bicycle training.

09-00, Sunday morning, cloudy. What can you do at this time? Certainly sleep backfilled tell you. Because on Monday back to work in the office at the computer and work work work without straightening his back. But not everyone thinks so. There are those who by their example tells us that at this time, in this weather it do most physical activities, arrive early in the morning on bicycle training, saddle iron horse and shoot at it as 30-40 kilometers. Give your body much-needed charge exercise, get the blood running through the body alive and allow positive emotions energize your aura for the week ahead.

Today we want to tell you about another kind of services that the company provides Veliki for corporate clients - this group bicycle races, bicycle training. For several years, one of our customers, the corporation Arterium, offered its employees the opportunity to join the bike and as an option for improving programs in health insurance, to participate in bicycle races.


The main objective of these runs of course is to maintain health and a healthy spirit of your body. It is no secret that the advent of the c of all spheres of computers that we have even replaced the living companion, our lifestyle has become sedentary, and we miss those morning exercises that we did before, while still standing in front of black and white TVs. Moreover, bicycle races, bicycle and in fact such here-led corporate parties contribute not only recovery of the body of the individual, but also helps to strengthen within the corporate communication among employees.


In essence, this mini teambuilding. After all, is not just a bike ride cycling is an organized movement of the column, where the actions of each of the participants depends on the work of the whole group of cyclists. Traveling by bicycle in the column should strictly follow the discipline, strictly adhere to the distance, to keep up the pace to a string does not stretch, and the convoy was the target as a whole.


Bicycle races contribute to the development of mutual support among colleagues and a sense of responsibility to the team. It is not uncommon when the column alongside colleagues traveling from different departments, from different departments that of territorial located in different parts of the city, and before that communicated only by phone or email. Such bicycle races not help establish a virtual connection and a personal touch to rally cooperating departments and the company as a whole. Different levels of training colleagues when cycling in a group, contribute to the development of a sense of responsibility for colleagues who do not have time for others. Encouraging each other, even with his hand on the back of a comrade during the ride, and thus pushing his colleagues help to cope with difficulties due to protracted climbs. Accordingly, this team will be easier to overcome and general operational issues. This is true for both large corporations and for small companies.

"Great" pleasure to help you arrange corporate bicycle races: pick up an individual training program for the community to make the schedule, provide bikes for rent, pick Rostovka bicycles, helmets and gloves to provide, deliver vehicles in place to provide trained coaches and escort cars, have feasible honey. help. and your desire to escort GAI :)

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