Critical Mass in Ukraine

Critical Mass -  as a phenomenon came to us from the West and implies a collection of a large number of cyclists in a certain place and in a certain time. Usually this event occurs in the last Friday of the month. This event has been held in more than 300 cities around the globe and now in Ukraine.

Critical mass - not just cyclists meeting. This event is a method to struggle for equality of cyclists on the roads.

The main slogan of "critical mass" is - "We do not block the road - we are part of the road movement. Bicycles bring frash air to the city and make the whole world eco".




Firstly "Critical Mass" occured in 1992 in San Francisco and the movement quickly spread throughout the world. Sometimes mistakenly perceived as antipolitical actions. In fact the mass has social nature and is trying to attract people to use bicycles as the main means of transport, as well as to draw attention of legal power to the problemme of lack of adequate bicycle infrastructure.


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