Day of Armed Forces of Ukraine. A little history - Bicycles in the Army.

Congratulations to our Ukrainian military - beautiful hefty :) And all the men for military service of our motherland: December 6, 2012 in Ukraine marks the 21st anniversary of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. "Day of the Armed Forces of Ukraine" appeared in the Ukrainian official calendar relatively recently - in 1993, almost after the collapse of the Soviet Union. Holiday established by a regulation of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine. Check for the "Day of the Armed Forces of Ukraine" was timed to the adoption of the Law of Ukraine "On the Armed Forces of Ukraine" December 6, 1991.

Constitute the backbone of the Ukrainian Armed Forces Ground Forces, Air Force and Navy. Over the years, presidents have been established professional holidays for each of these arms (Day of the Ground Forces, Aviation Day, Navy Day), but the "Day of the Armed Forces of Ukraine" has a special meaning, because in this day sealed combat brotherhood between all military republic.

But where is the great site and cycling theme you ask? Well and, for all that, the bike at various times participated in military life, was at war, and we can say also "protected" or "advancing" with the military. Today we would like to tell you a little story connected with the bike in the military.

Before the bike started less actively used in various combat and everyday military life, this was preceded by numerous military experiments whose purpose was to determine the possible role of the bicycle in the military. The first mention of the use of military bicycles belong to the early 70-ies of the 19th century when, during the Franco-Prussian War broke out of the besieged Paris by bicycle messenger.

Military impressed that bikes can "carry" more equipment, they can move infantry longer and farther than foot soldiers, and the bike does not ask to drink and eat like a horse. The tipping point in favor of the use of bicycles occurred in 1894, in connection with the improvement in production technology and build a bike: improved speed of transmission and strong build bicycle frames. To some extent, cyclists took over the functions of dragoons, especially as messengers and scouts, replacing horses in warfare. Britain hired cyclists cycling troops as squads or auxiliary units, but not in regular units. France also created several experimental units, starting in 1886. And since that time tried to equip such units folding bikes. Martial cycling units or detachments were formed in the late 19th century in all European armies and the U.S. Armed Forces.

Such military innovations have also been introduced in the Russian Imperial Army, and bicycle division simply called - the bicycle. In the Imperial Army in the 1890s in the number of physical training of military introduced bike riding. June 9, 1891 issued a decree number 1581 on compulsory acquisition of bicycle troops and the formation of special teams Samokatnaya.

In order to encourage cyclists since 1893 in various parts of the tsarist army troops began to settle on the bike race separately for officers and lower ranks.

Directly in hostilities, according to historical records, cyclists infantrymen in the first participated in 1889 in Cuba, during the Spanish-American War and during the Anglo-Boer War (1899-1902).

Both sides (the United Kingdom and South Africa) used bikes in exploration and to deliver messages, special units patrolled the railways on velodrezinah.

In World War I, both sides actively used bikes in intelligence, to deliver messages to transport victims.

Japan has successfully used bikes for invasion of China in 1937 and the invasion of Singapore through Malaysia in 1941.

In Wehrmacht bikes were equipped Samokatnaya companies were part of the reconnaissance battalions of infantry divisions. Bicycles allowed secretly and suddenly throw thousands of soldiers, catching the enemy by surprise. In addition, they did not require any truck for his transfer, nor scarce fuel.

Allies used in its operations parachutists-equipped folding bike. Bicycles are used for transportation of goods guerrillas during the Vietnam War. In Sweden, bicycle troops lasted until 2001, and in Switzerland - until 2003. According to some reports, bicycles used by U.S. special forces units in the Afghan campaign.