New Year - new bikes in our network!

We do not have time to fall The fireworks, unwind gunpowder from fireworks that have not yet eaten a salad "Olivier", and from Mandarin not gone festive rash as the great new forces and "the troops" come in the New Year on the path of promoting a healthy and active lifestyle bikes, but not just a bike ...

How many times have we heard the request from you to make softer Seats, steering wheel and raise higher! How many times have we heard from you - "I want a bike with a beautiful lace!" etc. In general, going to meet our customers and supporting the idea of ​​"Cyclists should be comfortable, the bike has to be stylish, bike should be available", we tell you about some pleasant surprises and updates to our bike rental you a new cycling season can personally touch , hold it between his legs and fidgeted ass. So, meet the legendary bikes, cruisers from the US brand Schwinn !!!

For connoisseurs of style, beauty and comfort are available to rent an absolutely brand-new model, the following bike in 2013:


Schwinn Panther
Bike - Schwinn Panther


Schwinn Sprite Deluxe
Bike - Sprite Deluxe


Schwinn Corvette Deluxe
Bike - Schwinn Сorvette, plus Deluxe!


Schwinn Hollywood
Bicycles for those who zasobiralsya become a movie star - Schwinn Hollywood


Schwinn Meridian
  Trike Schwinn Meridian


These bikes will be available this spring for rental in Kiev and Lviv! Come to us!