Promotion to Children's Day

Very soon we are waiting for perfect holiday - International Children's Day. We really wanted to please our customers in this regard, so on June 1 all points of the network rolled we do share - rental of children's bicycles and child seats on bicycles for the whole day for free! For children - our future, and let it be healthier than now :)

Curious coincidence: International Children's Day was established in the same country to which created and primarily developed the first bicycle, similar to modern, as we know it: with two wheels, steering wheel, pedals and seat. This country - France. In Ukraine, the festival officially came at the end of the millennium - in 1998 and is celebrated annually on June 1st.


World Children's Day (abroad it is called a Day of children) is considered one of the oldest, as was first proposed in 1925 in Geneva (Geneva Declaration on the Rights of Children), but regularly celebrate it began only in 1949 - after World War II - thanks to the International Democratic Federation of Women, who took an oath to fight for the creation of the conditions necessary for a happy and harmonious development of all children. The UN has supported this initiative. This festival is designed to remind adults of the modern society needs and rights of young members of our lives. And it makes sense, because children - the most vulnerable people in our lives, and at the same time, as is often said (and not unreasonably) - they are our future.


Why the holiday is held on June 1 to the end is not known. However, there are several versions, for which the date was not chosen by chance. According to the most common of them, the Chinese Consul General in San Francisco organized for Chinese orphans Dragon Boat Festival. And at the same time there is a conference on Child Welfare in Geneva that the holiday has appeared timed to this event.

Now this day is celebrated in one way or another for more than fifty countries around the world, including in the territory of former Soviet states, where the same day begin the summer school holidays (best gift for students, right? :)). There is even the flag of the festival, which symbolizes the unity and diversity of the world's children.


children flag

This day is not a weekend, but very often 1 June concerts and rallies in support of the rights and freedoms of our young people, parents try to spend with their children as much as possible, arrange surprises and joint trips.

In any case, we must always, without limitation holiday protection of children, care for the welfare, physical and mental health of our descendants, to support them and help realize their dreams, show a positive example of a healthy and happy lifestyle to be around at the right time. It is more important than all the gifts in the world, though not everyone can understand it immediately and appreciate.


mother and child