3d story of the contest "How i spent my time riding": Kirill Ullman

We hasten to inform you that today, in the ongoing competition, we poluchilili to mail one more story from our customer. The third story, a third party and he's the third bidder: Cyril Ullman

Every journey begins with a small idea. The main thing that it was corrosive, hot and with every second of its existence lock all new and new spaces of consciousness. Long before I learned that our capital will Ukraine's first Tweed Run, which was named for its "Retro Cruise", a small group of enthusiasts from Dnepropetrovsk born craving for bicycles. She was not quite normal, as on bicycles all participants of this collusion often did not go, yeah, that too cunning, a bike they do not have, but there was a huge interest in a particular style, which concerns in life, whether it be mannerisms or just ordinary at first glance, a mundane thing related.

Perhaps it is up to me with a certain wave of fashion bicycles, which gained momentum in recent years, but it was also due to the desire to alter the technique that came to me from an old car, which to this day at work, in anticipation of its second youth, reduced to the smallest cog, eager to flaunt on a sunny open spaces.

Bicycle tie! One of the bike enthusiasts there! Yes, and what the American dream - Schwinn Suburban not quite in perfect condition. Bike was destined to become an ornament of the trip so as soon as possible, the golden hands of mechanics of all trades Paul and Dmitry bring it into perfect condition, already at the start of a trip was the cause of the excitement, because he got on the train already on the move and the final touches assembly already implemented in a train compartment.


(From left to right: Vlad, Jack, Cyril (author), Oleg)

Due to the presence of 2 bikes and 4 people naturally question became in finding additional wheels, as extras at the event and Oleg I have in any case did not want to. After continuous monitoring on the Internet, luck with the choice of the company, which previously was carried out and an agreement for the lease. Judging by the conversation, guys know their job + was enough comfortable location and pleasant rental price, which ultimately determined the further cooperation. On the second trip, which unfortunately did not participate "old guard" bikes just took the car at the rental bikes on the street in Kiev camp, 30, near metro Beresteis'ka, fundamental ... 3 stops from the station. Both times took 2 bicycles for hire brand Kellys, comfortable city bike Twist, in which, as in the first and the second time I spent an entire day for the first time taken for hire case, has not helped spryazhat whole bike and the subway so we were not allowed, we're Gentlemen prefer not impudent).

This adventure has brought many new and interesting acquaintances, directly at the event itself and the first was Timur, MDM, we met at the entrance to Kiev-Pechersk Lavra and the first sentence: "Oh! Here are our guys, "it was clear that people welcoming and open, which is certainly confirmed in further dialogue.


(Pictured right to left Timur, I heart Lady Timur's wife, and hide behind her Taras).

It was 2 wonderful days that only split time in four months, passing Feels like a year. By format, they basically do not differ. Main course it was a dress code and stock bike! What was done with interest, of course, not without the help Veliki.ua

This unforgettable feeling when a huge crowd of people on bikes dressed as British lords and ladies drew attention each, whether the driver or the usual passer.


(In the photo from left to right ... everything! October 20, 2012)

Second Retro Cruise was just as wonderful as the first, although I did not have the euphoria and the fire in his eyes, in the spring, but this was due mainly to the inner feelings that do not allow me to enjoy the event in full. The route was chosen radically different. First stop was by tradition on the area near St. Michael's Cathedral. As the first respite before continuing adventure and the opportunity to talk, to take some pictures with the image of vending people and main course! What I failed to do in the first trip ... to participate in the competition for the best beard and mustache :) Sure rendered easy offense not appreciated the true mustache, who raised a half years, and especially before you go left alone in front of the first trip by getting rid of the beard. The second time, so not blundered! Face is covered by dense, well-groomed beard and long mustache, what actually the second time and won the second place in this category :)

Though fall and was rather warm, but cycling in windy conditions on this kind of execution was glad prisutviyu couple of excellent leather gloves at the first stop attracted the attention of motorcycle enthusiasts)


(Pictured right to left: Taras, I motorcyclist fan)

Adventure that wonderful day in the park ended Babi Yar, a traditional English five o'clock tea. Environment just whispered. Light haze, which was just beginning to go down to the park, has already fallen to the ground abundantly leaves that did not smell nice pretty damp, atmosphere complemented the mid-latitudes of the British Isles.

I was not surmountable desire to complete this day on the bike, but no luck ... just before leaving the place of the "Start", point of delivery bike, I notice that the rear wheel punctured and repair it impeded the nipple on the wheel, which was too thin, for the finder to the aid of pumps. But this fact could not reduce the euphoria that I received for the second day of cycling and we passed the time the bikes back, take a taxi, which received a number of passers guys who sympathized occurred pesky wheel.

On a note of this decided to finish my story ... Ah! No! A couple more photos to complete entourage;)


Thanks to all of the guys and veliki.ua in particular))

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