This Rocks! 2013 - extreme open air festival for active YOU

This Rocks! — picturesque cave city Kachi-Kalon (Bakhchisaray region of Crimea) and its surroundings turned into gathering of talents of extrime ride and spectators for the three days! It will happen from 27 to 29 September. There will be three parallel streams of activities.

The competition is for the professionals and amateurs. It contains from presentation of various disciplines in format of master classes and free participation under the experienced instructors.

The goal - to bring together all people who are interested in sports and entertainmen sport activities, get acquainted with huge amount of outdoor activities, try something new, young athletes, professional sportsmen, trainers and initiate the exchange of experience, ideas, knowledge, technology and just have a good relax.


There were three types of visas to the event: active extrime sportsmen, spectators and professional sportsmen.



More please see on the site of the fest

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