Bicycle locks ABUS

Locks for bicycles, manufactured by ABUS, - a reliable protection of your bike against theft. Product quality is confirmed by thousands of our customers.

A few safety tips for your bike:

- For parking, choose lighting and crowded place. Criminals are afraid of light and noisy places. At night the better to hide the bike indoors (basement, garage). In the hallways and common areas need to lock a bike lock. For added convenience, you can use a loop anchor ABUS WA50, which allows you to fasten your bike where there is no railing or other metal objects.

- There was only one lock on the frame is not enough. Bicycles, fastened so often steal using minibuses. Wherever possible, you need to tie the bike to a fixed object (fence, light poles, traffic signs, etc.)

- U-shaped platter locks - the most reliable protection, which is confirmed by numerous tests and certificates of research institutions in different countries.

- Locks hack not only by brute force (bolt cutters, saws, etc.), but also the intellectual methods - with special skeleton keys. Professional system of lock cylinders, such as ABUS Plus and X-Plus, reliably protect against such hazards.

- Secure locks are expensive. For 50-100 UAH you can not buy security. German police recommends investing 10% of the cost of the bicycle in his defense. In other words, do not rely on cheap locks!

- Even in the best of the castle it makes no sense if it does not carry on a bicycle. Today, there are many convenient solutions for transporting locks, for example, patented ABUS KLICKfix fixing and TexKF. To select the perfect locking and proper attachment to your bike, it is best to contact a specialized shop. 

abus u-lock


Since then, as the experts ABUS in 1971 invented the world's first U-lock, cyclists have the opportunity to provide itself with a reliable anti-theft protection. Platter locks are still very robust and have the highest ratings in all studies. The main advantages of U-lock compared to other types of protection - no moving parts, the most thick steel shackle, reliable protection mechanism for closing. Using it with a cable, you can further protect the wheel. Decades of work on improving the design made ABUS expert in combining the most resistant materials, unique technologies and earned fame for the company leading manufacturer of locks. The police and insurance companies of European countries recommend that cyclists use that U-lock.

abus na ramu

Locks on the frame

This lock on the frame - the model ABUS 1000 - in 1958 became the first veloproduktom ABUS. The castle of this kind permanently fixed to the back of the front frame of the wheel, so there is no need to worry about transporting it. He is always with you, just use it, if necessary - shackle lock passes through the wheel, and thus blocks the scrolling. Some models include the use of a chain or cable, in addition to fixing a bicycle parking pipe.


abus cepi


Useful where insufficient length of U-lock. When combined with a quality lock cylinder circuit provides protection for the bicycle. Also available with combination locks - it is comfortable when the bike is used by several people.



abus segment


Folding locks series Bordo - an innovative and effective form of protection, in which rigid plates are interconnected by movable joints. Such a design combines the advantages of the chain and the hoop lock. In addition, the folding locks Holsters for easy transportation on the site of bottle cage mounting.

abus trosyRopes

Easy protection for low-cost bicycles for use as additional protection with a U-lock or chain. Cables Steel-O-Flex for extra protection hidden inside the metal shell.

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