Our company partners

We are open to any kind of suggestions. We support the idea of coming together and achieving common goals! Let’s cooperate for the benefit of joint bicycle business. Together we are powerful, we are one whole!


Our company works with european companies:

dutch-perfect-logo Falcologo Cyclon fietsonderhoud
Dutch Perfect Falco Cyclon
veliki-ua-partnery-abus dutch-perfect-logo shimano-logo
Abus Prouser Shimano
  nextbike logo  
  Nextbike, Germany  

We works with ukrainian companies and organizations:

veliki-ua-partnery-avk-logo veliki-ua-partnery-franchaizing-ukraina velopoint 1
Kyiv Cyclists’ Association Franchising Association in Ukraine Intercepting bicycle parking
veliki-ua-partnery-bodo uaeta  
BODO Ukrainian active and eco tourism assosiation  
  Paul Lange Ukraine  
veliki-ua-partnery-velotrade veliki-ua-partnery-veloplaneta veliki-ua-partnery-extremsyle
Velotrade Veloplaneta Extremestyle
veliki-ua-partnery-velotour veliki-ua-partnery-ardis veliki-ua-partnery-velovuyki
Velotour Ardis VeloVuyki
client-veliki.ua-obozrevatel   veliki-ua-partnery-fischer
Обозреватель   Фишер


Would you like to cooperate? Send your proposal to partner(a)veliki.ua