Advertising on bicycles

The advertisement is engine of the trade! Put this “engine” on the right carrier and get efficiency and profit. Mobile, original and high-quality alternative to expensive stationary billboards, city lights and trolls – advertising on bicycles!

In accordance with the specifics of the advertised product or service, we offer:

Advertising on rental bicycles of the company

More than 1000 bicycles, which cover 13 cities of Ukraine and 35 rental points in crowded tourist places, can become your mobile advertising carrier. Get the maximum number of live views, as well as a second wave of attention already online, because in our experience, most customers are happy to share selfies and vivid photos on social networks. Such advertising attracts attention with its originality and brightness. It will be seen by those who want to rent a bike, those who rent it and are already riding it around the city, and those who see a cyclist in parks, courtyards, on city roads.

Travel advertising on trike

A billboard on a tricycle will be an effective solution when you need to organize a promotion in a specific area of the city, among a specific audience. Bright advertising will attract attention both by the poster itself and by the advertising structure, which can not be seen every day.

Among our services are trike rental, route development, additional soundtrack from a portable audio system, which is installed on the frame.


The benefits of this type of advertising:

  • Mobility
  • Purposefulness
  • Wide coverage of the target audience
  • Creating a positive and eco-friendly company image
  • “Viral Marketing”
  • Non-standard advertising medium
  • Reach of places closed for standard advertising
  • Development of individual advertising routes for each client


For advice on advertising on bicycles
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