Bicycle couriers

Bicycle couriers are an interesting and convenient job, as a person chooses a schedule for himself, sets and executes a plan. Each delivery courier chooses convenient working conditions himself. He can be a pedestrian courier or expand his area of ​​work by renting a bicycle or scooter.

Working as a bicycle courier gives you more speed and mobility than walking. A courier who has his own bike has nothing to think about. What if a person does not have his own bike, but wants to work faster and more comfortably? Then bike rental will come to the rescue. Renting bicycles for couriers is advantageous conditions (much lower than just renting a bike), developed especially for the employees of the Glovo and Raketa courier services.



Bicycle rental prices for Glovo, Raketa and Bolt Food couriers


By renting a bicycle from, the courier receives a 15%* discount on purchases in our stores in Kiev, as well as on bicycle repairs in our workshops on Sviatoshyn and Pozniaky.
*The discount does not apply to promotional items, used items and items participating in sales.

Bicycle rental conditions for Glovo, Raketa and Bolt Food couriers

To rent a delivery bike, the courier must:

  1. Come to our shops on the Right or Left Bank.
  2. Show availability of application for Glovo/Raketa/Bolt Food couriers.
  3. Leave a document for safekeeping (passport, international passport, driver’s license).
  4. Pay rent for the selected period (1, 5 or 7 days).
  5. Subscribe to social networks (Facebook, Instagram) and write to us in private messages.

Renting means taking on temporary use for a specified period of a selected bike and, if necessary, a Longus helmet (or equivalent).

Bicycle storage for Glovo, Raketa and Bolt Food couriers

All couriers of the Glovo/Raketa/Bolt Food delivery services have the opportunity to leave bicycles and work bags for paid storage in our stores.

Storage cost:

  • bike – 20 UAH/night
  • bag – 20 UAH/night
  • bike + bag – 30 UAH/night