Bicycle rental point in Sumy, Darhomyzhskoho St, 1

City: Sumy
Region: Sumy
Address: Darhomyzhskoho St, 1
Temporarily not working
Bicycle rental

Rent price

ServiceWeekday, UAHDay off, UAHWeekendFull week
1 hour5 hours/
half day
Day24 hours/day2-5 days1 hour5 hours/
half day
Day24 hours/day
MTB70120200250200 each70150250300400800

Rental Conditions

A prerequisite for clients before to get bicycle/accessories is the deposit.

You can leave VOLUNTARILY for storage as follows*:

  • Your international passport, driver’s license + 500 UAH
    *Cash left as deposit in the event of breakage of bicycle parts.


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In addition, we accept as collateral:

  • MTB – €150/$200/6000 UAH

We reserve the right to refuse to rent bicycles if:
– doubt about the authenticity of the documents;
– persons under 18 years;
– persons who explicitly use alcohol or drugs etc.;
– the manager of the rental point has the right to refuse to issue the equipment without explaining the reason for the refusal.

With us renting a bike, you get a free helmet and lock (if necessary).