Do you want to start your own bike rental, repair or sale business? It’s always difficult to start at 0, but you can. But if you want to get a working business without making the mistakes of a beginner, we offer two ways. The first one is to purchase a veliki.ua franchise and start with a ready-made solution. The second way – consulting – for those who want to establish their own brand or open a rental/shop/repair in Kiev, where the franchise function is no longer there.

Guided by a successful 15 years of experience in this area, we will provide high quality and sensible advice on starting a business, the necessary basic resources, and possible pitfalls. Consulting is a way not to lose at the start, to set goals and priorities correctly.

What do we offer?

  • Assistance in the selection of premises.
  • Job descriptions of sellers.
  • Shop equipment, recommendations, partial production.
  • Store technical support.
  • Work programs. Installation, configuration, training.
  • Selection of a popular assortment of goods for a specific budget.
  • Transfer of contacts of suppliers. Acquaintance.
  • Personnel training in one of the chain stores. Very important for the store administrator.
  • Consulting and support.
  • Assortment of rental equipment, compilation, recommendations, consultations.
  • Assortment of rental accessories, compilation, recommendations, consultations.
  • A package of documents related to the rules for issuing rental equipment, working with documents, working with money and pledges. Fraud detection system.
  • Rental agreement, template, manufacturing method.
  • Internship at our Rental Center.
  • Workshop work system, client management.
  • Training at the School of Bicycle Mechanics. 1-2 level + special courses.
  • Compilation and purchase of the optimal list of tools, consumables, equipment and spare parts.
  • Equipping the workshop with work furniture, taking into account all the nuances that have been developed. Ventilation.
  • Job description of a bicycle mechanic.
  • Installation, configuration of working programs.

The service involves the launch of a turnkey facility and is not limited to the list of tasks above.

For advice on starting your own bike business
+38 (050) 388-27-00 or [email protected]