Корпоративы на велосипедах

Bike parties

Modern companies now more and more often prefer a non-standard approach to corporate recreation. Agree, a standard feast with a lot of alcohol is already trite and, by the way, does not always fulfill its main task, namely team building.

We offer to hold an interesting, creative and non-standard corporate event for companies, namely:

Conduct a bike ride for many peopleArrange competitive performances on different bikesDilute the corporate party with interesting bicyclesWatch a bicycle movie by the company

Bike ride

We have extensive experience in organizing mass bike rides for companies. The service includes renting bicycles (at least 10, at least 1000), rental of helmets, development and preliminary run-in of the route on the territory of your choice (park, forest, city), logistics, if necessary, agreeing on the city route with the authorities, organizing the escort of our company with bicycle guides, Motohelp and ambulance with the police if necessary. You just have to come to the place and enjoy the event.


Competitive performances

For a variety of your holiday, we can offer competitions, namely:

  • Battle between Roman soldiers and barbarians
  • Tricycle racing
  • Tandem racing (twin bikes)
  • Riding the longest scooter
  • Riding a “drunk” bike
  • Riding the smallest bike
  • Water catamarans racing
  • Race “Zaporozhye Cossacks”


Interesting bicycles

  • A smoothie bike is a bike that makes smoothies. A blender is installed on it, where food is loaded, and it is powered by pedaling. The faster we spin, the faster we get a smoothie.

  • Art bike is a bike that draws. It has an “easel” on which the canvas is placed. It is set in motion by pedaling, and paint is poured from above. Due to the centrifugal force, the paints disperse throughout the canvas and a rather interesting picture is obtained.

Bicycle cinema

Cycling is a completely new type of recreation. The cyclist pedals to activate an electric current generator, which in turn powers the movie projector.

There is one more highlight of cyclokino – shift work on a bicycle. Shift work in the form of a dynamo will be an important manifestation of team spirit. Only through common efforts will everyone be able to rest both body and soul in the full sense of the word.

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