Курьерская служба доставки

Courier delivery service

Veliki.ua fully and fully supports the development of bicycle deliveries in all cities of Ukraine, where there is an opportunity and need for such types of courier services, since a bicycle is an alternative means of transport that contributes to environmental protection and maintaining the ecology of cities.

Against the backdrop of fuel prices, the development of bicycle courier services also has economic potential. Courier delivery services on bicycles are often cheaper, faster and more mobile than classic types of delivery within cities.


The advantages of our bicycle couriers

Instant delivery
The bike is recognized as the fastest transport in the world at distances up to 5 km.
Traffic jams is not an obstacle
In our cities there are no bicycle traffic jams, and automobile ones are not an obstacle for a bicycle courier.
Bicycle couriers do not burn fuel and do not pollute the environment!
Bicycle couriers will be able to deliver the order anywhere (pedestrian streets, storage facilities, etc.)
Low cost
Bicycle couriers do not spend money on fuel, and depreciation of a bicycle is much cheaper than a car.

Mobile Delivery Service Options


The bicycle is used as a highly mobile vehicle.
Courier carries the goods.
Oversized cargo is carried in a basket/bag on the trunk of a bicycle.Overall cargo weighing up to 100 kg is transported on special bicycle platforms.

Creation of a courier company delivery service
(transportation of oversized cargo in a basket/bag on the trunk)

Veliki.ua is customer-oriented and offers only an individual approach. For each project individually:

  • selected bikes and accessories;
  • painted, branded bicycle frames;
  • manufactured racks and baskets of the right size;
  • developed and installed on a bicycle advertising media;
  • couriers learn the basics of bicycle mechanics and the rules of moving around the city on a bicycle;
  • if necessary, install an electric drive on a bicycle.

When contacting veliki.ua with a request to create your own courier service, you first need to decide on the main tasks that will be set for couriers:

– food delivery in special bags on the courier’s shoulders;
– delivery of pizza or parcels in baskets/bags on the trunk;
– bulky cargo delivery on a special cargo bike platform;

We have tremendous experience in creating mobile bicycle delivery services!

Do you want to organize your own bicycle courier service and need advice?
 +38 (050) 388-27-00 or  [email protected]