Cross-country ski rental in Kyiv, Metro Exhibition Center, VDNG, A. Hlushkova Ave, 1

City: Kyiv
District: Holosiivskyi
Telephone: 050-388-27-26
Address: A. Hlushkova Ave, 1
Пн-Вс 11:00 - 17:00
(preliminary schedule in case of snow)
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Rent price

The cost of rental cross-country skis in Kyiv at VDNG
Cross-country skiing

Rental Conditions

A rental day is the period from the moment the equipment is issued until 12:00 the next day. If you hand in your equipment after 12:00, it is automatically considered as a rental for 2 days and is paid accordingly.

A deposit is mandatory for the issuance of cross-country skis/accessories to customers.

You may VOLUNTARY leave the following items in your possession*:

    • Your driver’s license (new sample) + 1000 UAH
    • The biometric passport + 1000 UAH
      Old-style passport is not accepted as a deposit
    • Ukrainian citizen passport (at client’s request) + 1500 UAH
      *Cash is left as a collateral amount in case of equipment damage.

The contract, collateral and documents left on voluntary storage are kept in a safe under lock and key!


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In addition, as a deposit we accept the cash equivalent of the cost of equipment:

    • Cash deposit according to the sales price in the store, but not less than €150/$200/8000 UAH

We reserve the right to refuse to rent cross-country skis/accessories if:

    • doubts about the authenticity of documents
    • persons under 18 years of age
    • persons under the influence of alcohol or drugs, etc.
    • the manager of the rental station has the right to refuse to issue the equipment without explaining the reason for refusal.

Additional Information

Cross-country ski rental in Kiev at VDNG is a winter entertainment available to people of any age: children, adults and even people of respectable age. By renting cross-country skis, you can spend an active and emotional day, walk through the snowy forest, and take wonderful winter photos. In addition, skiing is incredibly healthy. In addition to the obvious points, such as playing sports, there are other important reasons: filling the body with oxygen, improving blood circulation, etc.

By the way, the cross-country ski rental at VDNG may surprise you. Convenient location, a wide range of skis and the proximity of Holosiivskyi forest make this location almost the best for cross-country skiing. Our professional managers will quickly and correctly select a set of equipment (skis, boots and poles), give instructions for beginners or advise which side of the forest is best to move.

If you want to spend an active day with family or friends, then cross-country ski rental at VDNG is what you need. Hurry while there is snow! And if you are more fond of skiing or snowboarding, then the cost of rental and the location of rental offices can be found on the page Ski and snowboard rental.