Изготовление кастомных велосипедов, бренд зон, велооборудования

Custom bike making, zone brand, bike equipment

Veliki.ua company is not only bicycle rental and repair. We are the leaders of the cycling niche in Ukraine and are constantly developing our directions, improving our skills, throwing down challenges and overcoming obstacles. We do not just sell, rent and repair, we improve existing ones and invent new ones. There are no barriers for us, and we can design and manufacture anything about a cycling theme.
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Non-standard projects

We have many examples of the execution of non-standard, interesting, not previously created projects. Just worth the Veloceraptor Velya, created by our bike mechanics, is a dinosaur that rides with pedal traction. The craftsmen developed the project, welded the structure, and then for a long time made the head out of construction foam. It was presented at the main cycling festival of the capital – Bikeday in 2017.

Bicycle racks with and without attachment (bicycle equipment)

One of the most frequently requested projects right now is making a bicycle stand. The purpose can be different – an exhibition stand or a base for more complex use. For example, using a bicycle as a source of electricity. To do this, the bike is installed on a stand, an electric generator is connected to it, and while pedaling, you can ch

Bicycle – as an advertising pillar (custom bike)

Quite often, for our own purposes, or to order, we make advertising pillars from a bicycle. This can be an installation that includes a bicycle, or a full-fledged working bicycle. We can paint the pillar in any color, add various elements, signs, etc. What can such an installation be used for? There are many options: to decorate the entrance to a location (store, park, conference venue), to create a photo zone, to indicate the direction where the store is located, etc.

Manufacturing brand zones

We can make any brand area on request, from the store area to an exhibition copy for presentations. We carry out all stages – design, purchase of necessary materials, manufacturing, transportation and installation (dismantling if necessary). Small, medium, large – we will make everything on time and with a guarantee.

As an example, we can cite a custom-made brand zone for VDNKh in Kiev. Namely, the screen bike of President Vasily Goloborodko from the Servant of the People series with a stand.

Our custom bikes – smoothie bike, art bike and ice bike – can also be attributed to brand zones options. Read more about renting such bicycles on the Event equipment page.

We work on cash and non-cash payment systemsProduction of projects of any complexity “turnkey”We conclude a contract, where we stipulate which services and in what volume are agreedWe can arrange delivery/installation/dismantling

For advice on making bike projects of any complexity
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