Аренда электротранспорта для бизнеса

Electric transport rental for business

Electric transport in Kyiv and Ukraine is gaining more and more popularity. Agree, this is a great alternative for quickly moving around the city over short distances. Electric scooter, electric bike, electric unicycle, gyro scooter – this is an incomplete list of means of mobile transportation around the city. It is also a great way to decorate and diversify any corporate event. Where will it be interesting to use e-bikes and e-scooters? The answer is simple: exhibitions, presentations, conferences, bike rides, weddings, organization of any events. By the way, ordinary bicycles are also suitable for such events, which can be rented from us in large quantities. But e-bikes will do better. The advantage of this type of transport is its environmental friendliness and convenience.

The electric scooter is an electrically powered scooter that requires less effort to operate. Scooters have long ceased to be just a toy for children. Now it is a full-fledged form of transport, convenient, for example, for quickly moving organizers or promoters at exhibitions. Other advantages of electric scooters are its weight and compactness. Most of the scooters are foldable, conveniently transported even in a passenger car, and the average weight of an electric scooter with 8 “wheels is 13 kilograms. Ninebot and Xiaomi electric scooters are available for rent.

Our company has extensive experience in organizing and conducting cycling events of various formats and sizes. So we know firsthand how important it is that everything is on time, and even better in advance. In addition to renting electric vehicles for events, we can offer the organization of delivery and collection of rented equipment.

Electric bicycles are no longer a new form of transport. And if you look at it, it’s quite old. So the first electric bike was released in 1895. In the same year, Ogden Bolton of the United States received a patent for an electric bicycle. As the documents say, the invention did not have a gear system and pedals. The modern electric bike is significantly different from its “great-grandfather”. Every year, developers are looking for ways to increase battery life, range of travel on a single charge, cross-country ability, adding “smart” components. Now the e-bike is a great addition to various activities. For example, when arranging a bike ride, it is better to choose an electric bike for marshals and leading columns, since during the ride there will be less energy spent on pedaling. This will increase the marshal’s attentiveness to the column and its guidance.

In addition, electric bicycles are perfect for organizers to move around large venues: exhibitions, concerts, conferences.


We can organize the rental of electric bicycles and electric scooters “turnkey”We work on cash and non-cash payment systemIf necessary, we sign an agreement between the companies to provide servicesBefore the event, the technical condition of the rented equipment is checked by our mechanicsThe company’s truck will deliver the required number of bicycles and scooters to the location of the eventWe work all over Ukraine. Except for temporarily uncontrolled territories

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