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Renting equipment for organizing events is a profitable and convenient choice towards the variety and uniqueness of your event. We offer a ready-made and non-standard solution for the frequently asked question: “How to keep the guests busy at the event?” A wide range of unique equipment guarantees interesting sports entertainment for any request. We work by cash and bank transfer, we sign an agreement between companies on the provision of services, by agreement we can take over transport logistics to the place of your event. The cost of renting event equipment depends on the duration of the lease and additional agreed points. The final cost is called by the manager after communication and miscalculation of your request.
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Smoothie bike

A bike that makes smoothies. This is great entertainment that will attract many people who want to experience it personally. The smoothie bike can be used to make smoothies, shakes and shakes. It is enough to purchase the necessary ingredients and your guests will make healthy drinks themselves. The shaker kicks in and starts whipping when the bicycle wheel spins. We load the ingredients to our liking, sit in the “saddle” and pedal. 1-2 minutes and the cocktail is ready! Note that the health benefits are brought not only by a healthy drink, but also by a couple of minutes of sports.

Art bike

A bike that delights children! If the presence of children is planned at your event, then the art bike is exactly what you need. Bright, colorful and allows you to paint pictures. And it happens as follows. There are paint cans and glitter in the basket on the bicycle handlebars. There is a canvas mount in a special compartment (it is better to take thick paper or even cardboard). The artist sits on a bicycle, starts pedaling, thereby setting the canvas in motion. Then we start pouring various paints onto the canvas, which, under the action of centrifugal force, fly over the canvas. Add glitter if you wish and voila – the picture is ready! No picture will be an exact copy of the previous one, and therefore you can draw for a very, very long time. But the most interesting thing is that the art bike attracts the attention of not only children of all ages, but also adults.

Ice bike

It can be called an ice bike, ice bike or ice scooter. Interesting entertainment on ice. It is based on a special welded structure, on which a bicycle is installed with the front wheel removed and the gears disabled. There are skates on the structure, which allow you to skate on the ice, and this is all set in motion by the usual torsion of the pedals. Of course, the main advantage is sustainability. The ice bike does not collapse or fold in corners. The second advantage is that absolutely any person can ride it, even if he does not know how to keep balance and ride a regular bicycle. An ice bike is absolutely safe if you follow the standard rules of ice behavior. The maximum speed that an ice bike can develop is 10-15 km/h.

Smallest bike

The bicycle celebrated its 200th anniversary in 2017. To celebrate this significant event, our team went to Germany, to the city of Mannheim, where the bicycle appeared. After spending several days in a festive atmosphere, we looked at what the Germans offer as entertainment. This mini bike immediately sunk into my soul. Believe it or not, you can really drive it. And not only a child can do this. And what a fervor such entertainment causes among men! By ordering the smallest bike for your event, you will definitely not go wrong and will even surprise your guests.

Drunk bike

An attraction loved by many since childhood. Its main advantage is its ability to attract public attention. Almost everyone is sure that he will be able to “straddle” it on the first try, and not straddle, tries again and again.

The principle of the attraction is that the bike control system has been changed. Namely, when you turn the steering wheel to the right, the wheel turns to the left and vice versa. A drunk bike will certainly delight guests and absolutely everyone will want to try their hand.

An important point, if improperly organized, the bike is traumatic. Therefore, in no case do not allow people in a state of strong alcoholic intoxication and children without parental supervision.


Favorite type of bicycle. Romantic, charismatic and practical. What is its practicality? Even a person who has never ridden a bicycle can ride it. He sits in the back seat, and an experienced cyclist takes the front one.

Tandem is ideal for various events, namely weddings, photo shoots, presentations, advertisements.

Fat bike

An all-terrain bike, a bike for riding on sand and snow, a bike with thick wheels – as soon as they do not call a fat bike. Although, in essence, this is an ordinary bicycle – the same handlebar, frame, chain and wheels, only thicker than usual. In any case, such a bike attracts incredible attention and delights even serious businessmen at conferences and exhibitions. And absolutely everyone wants to ride a fat bike.

How can a fat bike be useful at an event? With the help of a noticeable bike, you can highlight the organizers or carry out a promotion on fat bikes. And also test the fat bike as entertainment. In addition, a bike with thick wheels can be part of an atmospheric photo shoot.


Agree, competition in anything is an integral part of any corporate party. What if the competition is sporty, unusual and fun? For such a request, veliki.ua can offer a race ride on bicycle chariots. Only now, instead of a horse, there is an iron horse in our chariots. Entertainment of this kind is suitable for any event, because you don’t have to compete, but just ride your children, your beloved or your boss, for example 🙂

The Longest scooter

A unique and versatile invention for collective entertainment. The longest scooter is the same scooter from childhood, only designed for 5-7 people! If you know how to ride a scooter, then these skills will be very useful to you. Well-coordinated teamwork will also help, because organizing a scooter ride with several people are not so easy.

The longest scooter is interesting for events because it can host competitions of different formats. For example, which team can drive 100 meters without stopping. Or what is the maximum number of people who can fit and be able to travel a certain distance. Or, what time records the team can set. And maybe which team can turn around during the race and not lose a single team member?

Bicycle with crooked wheels

Another attraction that will appeal to both adults and children. Its peculiarity is a wheel with an offset center. During a ride, the bike “bounces” all the time due to a crooked wheel. By the way, you can ride this bike without pedals, just by pressing the handlebars at the right time.

An interesting and non-standard bike will become the star of your event, causing delight and desire to defeat this “monster”.

Wave runner

We talked in detail about the water bike here. But if you briefly recall, then this is a bicycle on a catamaran for movement on water. Water bikes can be used to organize competitions on the water if your event takes place on the banks of a river or bay. What kind of water bike competitions can be organized? The simplest is a speed water bike ride for two participants. A little more difficult is the competition with avoiding obstacles and chips. But you can also specifically create and arrange a football with a big ball on the water. There are a lot of options, and they are all unique. However, they are united by one thing – it is non-standard, teamwork and a charge of positive and cheerfulness.

Bicycle cinema

Do you want to show your employees a movie or a corporate video at a corporate party? Do it creatively. Bike cinema lets you set up a cinema anywhere! No location or electricity tied.

The principle of operation is simple – the cyclist pedals and transmits a signal to the electric current generator, which powers the projector. It comes in interestingly at presentations and corporate parties. In addition, in order not to get tired of pedaling one person, joint work is needed, namely, to twist in shifts.

Bicycle with connected generator

Bicycle design that allows you to generate electricity. What to do with it next is up to you. Examples include charging phones or other gadgets, turning on light bulbs or some kind of electrical device.

At BikeExpo-2018, our bike generated electricity, which turned on the flashing light on the bike helmet. Oh, and this aroused interest among children and men 🙂

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