Школа веломехаников. Первые и лучшие в Украине курсы веломехаников

Bicycle mechanics school. Ukraine’s first bicycle mechanic courses.

“Personnel decide everything!”. Today, we do not write about politics, which owns these words, today we are writing about the meaning of these words for bike propagation entire country. Today we announce the opening of the first Ukrainian school of bicycle mechanics!

Our school has been operating since 2014 and has already graduated more than 550 students who have learned how to repair and maintain their bicycles, repair friends’ bicycles, got a job in our network or with colleagues in the market, and also started their own business or became our franchise partners. And now for more details.

Previously, we, as the first and largest bike rental and repair network in Ukraine, often had to face the problem of personnel, namely the lack of qualified specialists to work in our service departments. We literally had to raise our bicycle mechanics ourselves, so that the bike repairs in our repair centers were of high quality. Therefore, the main goal of its existence was the bicycle mechanic school puts, first of all, the training of qualified workers in the field of bicycle service and repair.

However, everything flows, everything changes. And the COVID-19 pandemic has made its own adjustments to the learning process. Therefore, the time has come to reformat our product for the needs of an ordinary user. In this regard, we are going on a short vacation and will be back in a new format very soon.

Separate master classes. The school also will be held an additional free and paid master classes for tuning and repairing bicycles. If you have suggestions for topics of master classes, please let us know: Desired master classes

The advantages of our bike mechanics school:

  • our students receive in addition to the theoretical also practical knowledge and skills. Students do not just look at how the teacher explains and shows how to repair the bike on the stand, but also perform practical tasks themselves;
  • together with the teacher the students are working on the problem points and “pitfalls” in the repair and maintenance of bicycles, which are known only to experienced mechanics;
  • students have access to a “real bikes”, “live instrument” and exhibits on the stands, where they directly own hands may feel all the consequences of improper repairs of bicycles, and understand how it should look like the work of real mechanics and get good experience
  • students receive the right to buy professional tools for bicycle workshop Park Tool, as well as Birzman with the significant discount, and buy discounted professional lubricants from the Dutch company Cyclon
  • to students with excellent proven bike mechanics side will be given the priority in employment in the service centers and shops of Veliki.ua.