Corporate cycling

A responsible company always tries to take care of its employees. And if your staff spends most of their working time sitting at a computer, then this way of life is called sedentary, and therefore harmful to health. However, there is always a way out – bring some sport into the lives of your colleagues.

Corporate cycling is primarily aimed at maintaining the health and a healthy spirit of the team. However, their second function is no less important – mini team building, teamwork, team building event. Name what you like best. But this is a fact, cycling is an organized movement in a column, where the work and success of the whole group depends on the actions of each cyclist.



Based on our experience, we can easily organize regular cycling training for your team, namely:

  • we will select an individual training program;
  • draw up a schedule;
  • we will select bicycles (women/men, taking into account the height of the cyclist);
  • we will provide the participants with helmets;
  • we will deliver bicycles and helmets to the starting point of the training;
  • we organize professional support by trainers and cars;
  • we will provide medical and technical assistance on the road.

What will you choose?
Working out in a stuffy gym?Outdoor cycling?

Do you need advice or do you want to order the organization of corporate cycling training?
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