Стоимость проката


Bicycle rental in Sumy does not work

The cost of renting bicycles in Sumy from the company veliki.ua

ServiceWeekday, UAHDay off, UAHWeekendFull week
1 hour5 hours/
half day
Day24 hours/day2-5 days1 hour5 hours/
half day
Day24 hours/day
MTB50120200250150 each70150250300400800

Prices at each rental point may differ. These prices are indicated for the Sumy.
Check the details with the managers or look at the page of a specific rental point in the “Rent price” section.

​Bicycle accessories rental cost

Bicycle carrier25
Rear lights25
Front light25
Bike bag50
Backpack for personal belongings50
Smartphone handbag50
Mat (Karemat)25
Kids bicycle seat150 *
Cover for transporting a bicycle in a train/plane25
Repair kit0*

Accessories are available at our bike points.
* – Please, notice, that if you rent a bicycle from us we may provide you with some particular accessories for free!