of bicycle and accessories

The conditions for renting bicycle of the network provide for a number of rules for the safety of the lessor and the lessee of rental equipment. These conditions are enshrined in an agreement that is signed between the company and the client.

A prerequisite for clients before to get bicycle/accessories is the deposit.
As the deposit we accept:

  • MTB – €150/$200/5000 UAH
  • City bike – €100/$150/3000 UAH
  • Electric Bike/Electric Scooter – €300/$350/8000 UAH

Or you can leave VOLUNTARILY for storage as follows*:

  • Your international passport + 250 UAH
  • Your driver’s license + 500 UAH
  • Your ID passport + 250 UAH
  • 2 documents of the same person + 250 UAH
    *The money remains as a mortgage in case the bicycle parts are broken


We reserve the right to refuse to rent bicycles if:
– doubt about the authenticity of the documents,
– persons under 18 years,
– persons who explicitly use alcohol or drugs

With us renting a bike you get a free helmet and lock (if necessary).

Benefits of renting a bike with us:

Accident insurance.
We insure our customers from accidents. With us u get safe and secure ride.

We are a socially responsible company.
The Veliki Company conducts hundreds of actions in support of bicycle propagation in our country, also implements support for medical centers by using the master-hands from our school of bicycle mechanics, supports the partner’s bicycle events.

Repair and service of your bicycles.
If you have your own bike and there is any breakage you may drive up to our service centers (the places of repair).
We will repair, set up the bike for you, so that you can ride.

We also develop new bicycle entertainments and biking tours.
You can go to the Tour of the elaborated interesting routes, celebrate on the corporate party cycling or spend an unforgettable weekend on bicycles.

Mountain and city bike.
For each will select the most convenient, fast and beautiful bike.

Children’s bicycles and accessories.
In many of our rent points there are bicycle equipment for your kids.
For children is particularly important to walk often at the fresh air and active lifestyle from an early age. So even if you’re not a cyclist – ride for the sake of your children and together with them.

Rent bike accessories, rental radios.
You can book with us additionally basket, gloves, headlamp, sport mat, backpack and more.

Roof racks rent.
When you are planning to travel by car with a few bikes, then you definitely need roof racks for bicycles. You can save considerably if you take such equipment in rent.

We guarantee you cheerfulness.
After each trip by bicycle increases brain and physical activity. So, the quality of your life improves, at least 100%.