Scooter rental point in Kyiv near Sviatoshyn subway, Beresteiskyi Ave, 89A (Peremohy Ave, 89A)

City: Kyiv
District: Sviatoshynskyi
Telephone: 0-800-330-531     
Address: Beresteiskyi Ave, 89A
Mon-Fri 10:00 - 20:00
Sat-Sun 10:00 - 20:00
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Rent price

ServiceService cost, грн
30 minutes1 hour
Electric scooter Sky150250

Rental Conditions

A prerequisite for clients before to get scooter is the deposit.
As the deposit we accept:

  • Electric Bike/Electric Scooter – €400/$500/15000 UAH
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Or you can leave VOLUNTARILY for storage as follows*:

  • Your international passport + 250 UAH
  • Your driver’s license + 500 UAH
  • Your ID passport + 250 UAH
  • 2 documents of the same person + 250 UAH

*Cash left as deposit in the event of breakage of scooter parts.
1 scooter = 1 deposit

We reserve the right to refuse to rent scooters if:
– doubt about the authenticity of the documents;
– persons under 18 years;
– persons who explicitly use alcohol or drugs etc.;
– the manager of the rental point has the right to refuse to issue the equipment without explaining the reason for the refusal.

Additional Information

Прокат электросамокатов на Позняках

Not far from the Sviatoshyn metro station, on the Beresteyskyi Ave, 89A, there is a bicycle rental It has been operating for over 10 years and every year it expands and updates the range of bicycles. And since this year, the long-awaited electric scooters have appeared at the box office.

Electric scooter rental is one of the most demanded services in Kiev during the warm season. A scooter rental allows you to experience this technique without buying it. And, if the experiment is successful, then make an informed decision about purchasing a scooter for yourself. In addition, the scooter gives freedom of movement and more maneuverability compared to a bicycle, for example. However, the same level of comfort in the form of speed and wind in the face (this is especially true in the very heat).

If you rent an electric scooter on Sviatoshyn, where can you go for a ride? In fact, there are two great options, and both of them guarantee coolness and freedom.

The first option is Nyvky Park. Large enough, but “wild” park between the Beresteiska and Nyvky metro stations. There are lakes, benches, but since there is little entertainment, there are usually not very many people. There is where to accelerate, you can sit by the water or even arrange a speed competition.

The second option is Syretsky Park. It was recently restored, the paths were restored, benches, trash cans, entertainment for children were placed, and the children’s railway was renewed. Now there are many more visitors, especially during the holidays. But you can still find great scooter spots in the shade of the trees.

So you can always find where to ride a scooter, but we advise you to rent an electric scooter from us, since we are professionals in our field.

We are waiting for you at our scooter rental and bicycle rental office on Sviatoshyn!