Ski and snowboard rental point in Kyiv near Sviatoshyn subway, Peremohy Ave, 89A

City: Kyiv
District: Sviatoshynskyi
Telephone: 0-800-330-531     
Address: Peremohy Ave, 89A
Mon-Fri 10:00 - 20:00
Sat-Sun 10:00 - 20:00
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Rent price

Ski rental cost in Kyiv
SKIINGPeriod, days
Set of skis, category A
Set A
(skis + boots + ski sticks)
Set of skis, category A+
Set A+
(skis + boots + ski sticks)
Children’s ski set (length up to 120 cm)
(skis + boots + ski sticks)
Category A skis110200290370440500560610660710760810860910
Category A+ skis170300430530630730830930103011301230133014301530
Ski Sticks4070100130150170190210230250270290310330

Snowboard rental cost in Kyiv
SNOWBOARDSPeriod, days
Set of snowboards, category A
Set A
Set of snowboards, category A+
Set A+
Board + fixings category A110200290370440500560610660710760810860910
Board + fixings category A+170300430530630730830930103011301230133014301530

The cost of renting accessories for OUR boards/skis
Jacket, category A100175235275350425480550610670730790850910
Jacket, category A+170260330410480550600650700750800850900950
To find out the cost of renting NEW ski clothing,
must be multiplied by a factor: 1,3
Helmet / Mask /
Protection, 1 unit
Cover (skis, boards)4075105135165195225255285315345375405435
The cost of accessories for YOUR ski/snowboard sets
must be multiplied by a factor: 1,75

Rental Conditions

A rental day is the period from the moment the equipment is handed out until 12:00 the next day. If you hand over your equipment after 12:00, it is automatically considered as a rental for 2 days and is paid accordingly.

A prerequisite for issuing alpine skis/snowboards/accessories to customers is a deposit.
We accept as collateral:

  • €150/$200/5000 UAH
Read completely

Or you can leave VOLUNTARILY for storage as follows*:

  • Your international passport + 500 UAH
  • Your driver’s license + 500 UAH
  • Your passport + 750 UAH
    *Cash remains as a security deposit in case of breakage of equipment parts.


We reserve the right to refuse to rent bicycles if:
– doubt about the authenticity of the documents;
– persons under 18 years;
– persons who explicitly use alcohol or drugs etc.

Do you want to go skiing or snowboarding?

There is an opinion that skiing or snowboarding is possible only in the Carpathians. We agree that the Carpathians are beautiful and the ski slopes there are wonderful. They are not comparable to urban complexes. However, not everyone can break loose and go to the Carpathians every weekend just to quench their thirst for skiing from the mountain. But urban or suburban complexes are quite affordable. We have compiled a list of 10 places where you can go skiing and snowboarding in Kyiv and Kyiv region. And also Top 5 places for beginners to master skiing and snowboarding. So, as soon as there is a desire to go skiing or snowboarding, you should put it into practice. Everyone decides for himself whether to buy ski equipment. Alternatively, it is better to rent it.

Ski rental on Sviatoshyn

The ski and snowboard rental office is located a 5-minute walk from the Sviatoshyn metro station and not far from the Nivki metro station. Our rental shop offers a wide selection of alpine skis, boots of various sizes and poles. In addition, at this rental point you can rent snowboards with bindings and boots. Professional managers will quickly select the size you need, and you can measure everything on the spot and, if necessary, change it. A wide range of accessories for winter holidays is available both with our equipment and separately.

The advantage of our ski and snowboard rentals is the availability of a professional workshop. Our mechanics are involved in the maintenance of our rental equipment, so it is always in excellent condition. It also accepts alpine, cross-country skis and snowboards for repairs.