Ski and snowboard repair and service point in Kyiv near Sviatoshyn subway, Beresteiskyi Ave, 89A (Peremohy Ave, 89A)

City: Kyiv
District: Sviatoshynskyi
Telephone: 0-800-330-531
Address: Beresteiskyi Ave, 89A
Mon-Fri 10:00 - 20:00
Sat-Sun 10:00 - 20:00
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Repair Cost

SERVICESnowboard, UAHSkiing, UAHCross-country skiing, UAH
Filling scratches, depending on depth and sizefrom 150from 150from 150
Treatment with paraffin, application of holding ointmentsfrom 300from 300from 150
Edge sharpeningfrom 300from 300
Full service: Grinding, waxing, Edge sharpeningfrom 700from 700from 350
Removing paraffin100100100
Installing/configuring bindingsfrom 100500-650400
Repair and installation of snowboard bindings, repair/replacement of snap elements (Buckley, Straps)from 150
Repair and installation of ski bindings, prevention, maintenance, replacement of elementsfrom 350from 550
Complicated ski/snowboard base repair, edge alignment, base or laminate bonding, core repairsfrom 400from 400from 400
Installing a bumper kitfrom 200

Repair and maintenance of boots with the BOA lacing system:

    • Replacement of cables — from 150 UAH
    • Replacement of cables in the winding — from 200 UAH
    • BOA mechanism replacement — from 150 UAH
    • Replacement of seat of BOA — from 650 UAH
    • Replacement of usual lacing on BOA system — from 500 UAH
    • Replacement of ordinary lacing — from 200 UAH
    • Dry cleaning and drying of special shoes — 300 UAH
    • Special shoes repair — from 300 UAH

Prices are excluding spare parts.

Need to do it urgently?
Term: the next day.
Price: + 60% to the price list.

It is important to know that the cost depends on the degree of criticality of the operation and, accordingly, the level of complexity of the work and their speed. The difficulty level can be easy, medium and difficult, respectively, the price will differ. In this case, the degree of criticality should be determined by the receiving master. From our masters at the time of acceptance of the equipment, you received an exhaustive answer about the level of complexity and, accordingly, the cost of work specifically in your case.

An example of the complexity of work on edges:

easy – go with a file;
medium – use a rasp;
difficult – you can’t see the edges behind the rust.

Repair of skis and snowboards on Sviatoshyn

The workshop on the Sviatoshyn metro station is our very first bicycle workshop, the mechanics of which later underwent special training and became masters in the repair of skis and snowboards. We carry out preventive maintenance and repair of ski equipment, using the best materials from well-known manufacturers.

During any use of the equipment (ski or snowboard), it is naturally worn out. Namely, after skiing, scratches and microcracks appear, through which moisture gets inside the board. After a few rides, the edges become dull, and snow sticks to the board itself, and the skis or snowboard simply do not go. All this is the result of untimely service maintenance, the consequences of which can lead to expensive repairs or to the purchase of new equipment.

In addition, inexperienced skiers and snowboarders often forget or neglect such an important point as proper storage of ski equipment during the off-season. In order not to pay for the repair of a snowboard or skis, first of all, you only need to store it dry. Otherwise, the snow will melt into the cover, the dirt will remain on the board and by the next season you will just get a swollen board with rusty edging. However, proper and careful storage of a snowboard or skis implies not only a dry and clean board, but also the correct preservation of ski equipment. This ensures that next year you will get the most ready-to-use board or skis and all that remains is to re-preserve it.

Our advantages

  • Convenient location 5 minutes from the Sviatoshyn metro station.
  • More than 8 years of experience and practice.
  • Quality materials and professional tools.
  • It is possible to organize the transportation of your equipment.

It’s important to know

Service and repair of skis and snowboards on Sviatoshyn is open every day from 10:00 to 20:00. Please note that there is a queue for renovations during peak season, which can be up to two weeks. All clients are served strictly on a first come, first served basis. We ask you to take this moment into account when drawing up your plans.