Ski and snowboard repair and service point in Kharkiv

City: Kharkiv
Region: Kharkiv
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Repair Cost

SERVICESnowboard, UAHSkiing, UAHCross-country skiing, UAH
Filling scratches, depending on depth and dimensionsfrom 50from 50from 50
Paraffin treatment, application of holding ointmentsfrom 150from 150from 150
Removing paraffinfrom 100from 100from 100
Edge sharpeningfrom 150from 150
Full servicefrom 300from 300from 200
Installation of fastenings100from 200from 150

Need to do it urgently?
Term: the next day/2-3 hours
Price: +30%/+60% to the price list.

Repair of skis and snowboards in Kharkov

Many years of experience and many clients allow us to confidently say that our ski repair in Kharkov is undoubtedly the best in the city. We dealt with equipment of different levels of wear and tear. We do not get lost in difficult cases, but simply take a tool and do our job.

Why do you need a snowboard and ski service? Any ski equipment must go downhill and not slow down from the adhering snow. This also applies to cross-country skiing. To keep your board running, it requires proper care. Proper care means:

  • proper storage of skis and snowboards in the off-season (no covered covers, dirt left or wet forgotten skis)
  • proper preservation of the snowboard in warm weather (paraffin, paraffin and again paraffin, so that the slipper does not dry out)
  • proper preparation of skis for the season (removing old paraffin, sharpening edges, waxing for skiing and do not forget about repairing scratches and cracks on a snowboard/ski)

All this can be done in the shortest possible time by our professional ski and snowboard repairman. In our workshop in Kharkov, prior registration is required. Keep in mind that during the season, the queue for repair and maintenance of skis and snowboards can be up to 2 weeks. Repairs are carried out on a first come, first served basis.