Ski and snowboard repair and service point in Kharkiv, Bilhorodske Hwy, 8

City: Kharkiv
Region: Kharkiv
Temporarily not working
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Repair Cost

SERVICESnowboard, UAHSkiing, UAHCross-country skiing, UAH
Filling scratches, depending on depth and dimensionsот 50от 50от 50
Paraffin treatment, application of holding ointmentsот 100от 100от 100
Removing paraffinот 50от 50от 50
Edge sharpeningот 100от 100
Full serviceот 200от 200от 150
Installation of fastenings50от 100от 100

Need to do it urgently?
Term: the next day/2-3 hours
Price: +30%/+60% to the price list.

It will not be difficult to get from the center of Kharkiv (m. University) to our bike repair point. We sit on trolleybus number 2 or minibuses 65, 202, 287, as well as any others that go in the direction of Lesopark, KhAI, pos. Zhukovsky or Pyatikhatok.

Our repair of skis and snowboards in Kharkov near Saltovka (m. Heroes of Labor). We sit down on minibus 17, 55, 135, 240, 263, 271 or any other that travels through KhAI, Lesopark, to the village. Zhukovsky, Pavlovo Pole, Alekseevka.

And, if you want to drive up to repair skis near Alekseevka, then our repair point is very close. Get from metro Alekseevka / Pavlovo Fields (metro 23-August) – trolleybus 12, minibus 33, 55, 263, 271 to the stop Lesopark.

We are located directly in the building of the Bus Station Lesopark, near the parking lot of minibuses to the Feldman Zoo.