Ski and snowboard repair and service point in Odessa, Pushkins’ka St, 28

City: Odessa
Region: Odessa
Telephone: 050-388-48-22
Address: Pushkins’ka St, 28
Wed-Mon 11:00 - 19:00
Tuesday - Closed
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Repair Cost

SERVICESnowboard, UAHSkiing, UAH
Filling scratches, depending on depth and dimensionsfrom 100from 100
Paraffin treatment, application of holding ointments250250
Removing paraffin5050
Edge sharpening250300
Removing rust from edgesfrom 100from 100
Full servicefrom 600from 600
Installation of fastenings50
Repair and maintenance of boots with BOA lacing system
replacement of mechanisms, replacement of a cable or lace, dry cleaning
from 250from 250
Difficult repair of the ski/snowboard sliding surface
aligning edges, gluing a sliding surface or laminate, installing bumpers
from 300from 300


It is important to know that the cost depends on the degree of criticality of the operation and, accordingly, the level of complexity of the work and their speed. The difficulty level can be easy, medium and difficult, respectively, the price will differ. In this case, the degree of criticality should be determined by the receiving master. From our masters at the time of acceptance of the equipment, you received an exhaustive answer about the level of complexity and, accordingly, the cost of work specifically in your case.

An example of the complexity of work on edges:

easy – go with a file;
medium – use a rasp;
difficult – you can’t see the edges behind the rust.

Where to repair skis in Odessa?

Timely repair and maintenance of alpine skis is a guarantee of their durability and good work for many years. If you know how to store skis correctly in summer, then in winter you will never encounter unpleasant surprises – board delamination, rust, blunt edging.

Winter is not a constant time in our area. Today she is gone, but tomorrow she comes abruptly. And how it can be a shame that the snow is full, but you won’t be able to ski, because the skis are not ready. In this case, we recommend that you properly preserve your skis for a warm period and visit a ski repair shop in Odessa in advance. Well, if you still didn’t have time, and the snowy mountains beckon, you can always rent a snowboard in Odessa.

Where can I turn in a snowboard for repair?

Our ski equipment repair workshop in Odessa can not only repair skis, but also offer to hand over a snowboard for repair. Our experienced craftsmen with many years of professional experience will qualitatively repair your snowboard, fix all scratches and chips, lubricate the sliding surface with the correct wax and, of course, sharpen the edges. Every experienced snowboarder knows that there is nothing to do without sharp edges on the mountain 🙂

Our workshop for repairing skis and snowboards in Odessa is located at st. Pushkinskaya, 28. We accept alpine skis and snowboards for repairs every day from 10:00 to 19:00. Before arriving, it is advisable to call, since during the season the queue for repairs can be up to 2 weeks. Consider this point.

How much does alpine ski repair cost?

How much does it cost to repair a snowboard or bicycle? The question, of course, is not a rhetorical one, but we cannot answer it for sure. And not because we don’t want to, but because the final cost depends on the condition of the equipment itself, the degree of necessary restoration work and the time spent by the master. It is important to understand that only an experienced master can name the final cost and only after inspecting the skis or snowboard.