Ski and snowboard repair and service point in Bucha (Irpin’, Vorzel)

City: Bucha
Region: Kyiv
Telephone: 050-388-27-85
Address: Bucha
By prior agreement/call
Ski and snowboard repair

Repair Cost

SERVICESnowboard, UAHSkiing, UAHCross-country skiing, UAH
Filling scratches, depending on depth and dimensionsfrom 100from 100from 100
Paraffin treatment, application of holding ointments250250250
Removing paraffin5050 50
Edge sharpeningfrom 200from 200
Full servicefrom 600from 600from 250
Installation of fastenings50
Installing a bumper kit


Need to do it urgently?
Term: the next day.
Price: + 60% to the price list.

It is important to know that the cost depends on the degree of criticality of the operation and, accordingly, the level of complexity of the work and their speed. The difficulty level can be easy, medium and difficult, respectively, the price will differ. In this case, the degree of criticality should be determined by the receiving master. From our masters at the time of acceptance of the equipment, you received an exhaustive answer about the level of complexity and, accordingly, the cost of work specifically in your case.

An example of the complexity of work on edges:

easy – go with a file;
medium – use a rasp;
difficult – you can’t see the edges behind the rust.

Repair of alpine, cross-country skis and snowboards in Bucha

Our ski and snowboard repair shops in Sviatoshyn and Poznyaky have been operating for many years, and our masters have repaired more than one hundred ski equipment. Lovers of mountain slopes from all over Kiev turn to us. However, there are a lot of calls from residents of satellite cities (Irpen, Vorzel). In this regard, now we have a service available – to hand over skis for repair in Bucha.

How it works?

  • You call the number indicated on this page.
  • Make an appointment and agree on a convenient place to transfer your equipment.
  • Your skis or snowboards are delivered to Kyiv for repairs (M. Sviatoshyn)
  • After the completion of the repair, a second meeting is scheduled, where the finished equipment is returned and paid.

You do not need to go anywhere, carry your skis or snowboard in your hands, and then pick them up. We will do everything for you!

Why is it important to keep track of the technical condition of skis and snowboards?

Maintenance and repair of skis and snowboards is a mandatory procedure before the start of the ski season. The correct operation of skis and snowboards, as well as their timely maintenance, is the key to a comfortable ride off the slope and the durability of your equipment.

During the operation of snowboards and skis (mountain and cross-country) their natural wear occurs: microcracks and scratches appear, which leads to moisture ingress, edges are sharpened and the paraffin coating is “eaten away”. All this leads, at best, to the fact that the board does not go off the slope and snow sticks to the slide, in the worst case to the delamination of the board and rusting of the edges. This is a striking result of untimely ski repair or even its complete absence.

Experts recommend storing ski equipment correctly in the warm season, at the beginning of each ski season, carry out a complete maintenance of skis and snowboards in professional workshops, and also, with frequent skiing, periodically paraffin the board and sharpen the edges.

You can check the status of your repair by the number: