Корпоративное обслуживание лыж и сноубордов

Corporate service for skis and snowboards

“Prepare bicycles in winter, and skis and snowboards in summer” – this is what modern folk wisdom says. But our professional masters are ready to help repair both at any time of the year.

Are you an active company that cares about the health of your employees? Do you ride bicycles in the summer and dilute your office life with skiing and snowboarding in winter? Do you have your own ski park or do your employees use their own skis and snowboards? In any case, ski equipment requires careful and proper handling.

If you want your skis and snowboards to serve for a long time and properly, then do not miss such a moment as repairing skis and snowboards. Timely ski service is a guarantee of the durability of the equipment and the safety of the skier.

What does ski and snowboard repair for companies include?

  • edge sharpening;
  • filling scratches;
  • polishing the sliding surface;
  • paraffin application;
  • application of holding ointments (for cross-country skiing);
  • correct installation of the mounts.

We work both with the end user and with companies in general. By concluding a contract, we can discuss various options for cooperation for the convenience of your employees.

We work on a cash and non-cash payment systemWe conclude an agreement, where we stipulate which services and to what extent are agreedWe can arrange for the delivery of skis and snowboards for repairsDiscount for corporate clients

Do you need a responsible company to repair the skis and snowboards of your company or employees?
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