Camping event

A corporate party in a restaurant is not the only type of team building event. There are many alternative options for recreation and team-building. For example, bike rides, tours, quests or a massive camping trip with an overnight stay.

The company offers to organize a corporate tent city for 10, 20, 50 or even 150 people. In our arsenal there are tents, sleeping bags and caravans for organizing this type of event.

Our advantages:

  • we have our own equipment;
  • we can organize transport logistics “from” and “to”;
  • we undertake further dry cleaning of sleeping bags;
  • we have extensive experience in the assembly / disassembly of tourist equipment.

Our equipment:

Two-, three- and four-person tents

Summer and demi-season sleeping bags of different types (cocoon and blanket with a hood)

Why us?

Our many years of experience guarantees highly qualified service, which, at your request, can only include the rental of tourist equipment or the organization of a “turnkey” tent camp. The standard set of camping equipment is a tent, sleeping bag and cushion. The turnkey package includes the following services:

  • selection of the necessary equipment;
  • delivery of equipment to the location by our car (Kiev or any corner of Ukraine);
  • setting up a tent camp;
  • dismantling and proper packing of tents and sleeping bags;
  • transportation of equipment back.

In addition to the standard set of camping equipment, we can provide awnings, field kitchens, tripods and cauldrons, hammocks, garden furniture, generators, and more. We work all over Ukraine.

Do you want an organized camping event for many people? Contact us!
We have the resources, desire and, most importantly, experience for this.!
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