прокат туристического снаряжения

Tourist equipment rental

Camping in summer – a great pastime for a couple of lovers, a group of friends and, of course, a family. Family vacation with tents allows you to actively spend time with children, go in for sports or, on the contrary, do nothing away from the stone jungle. Stop sitting in a stuffy city, it’s time for nature with tents! Rental of tourist equipment will help you to rest comfortably.

Tourist equipment – it is the backbone of any trip to nature. And if you don’t have your own equipment, then veliki.ua will help you. Rent of tents, rental of sleeping bags, rental of backpacks and cushion covers, tripods for boilers, awnings and air mattresses – this is an incomplete list of rental services for tourist equipment that we provide.


In our rental offices you can take


You can rent tents and sleeping bags in Kiev at the addresses

RIGHT BANK: Sviatoshyn subway, Beresteiskyi Ave, 89A (Peremohy Ave, 89A)

LEFT BANK: Pozniaky subway, Kniazhyi Zaton str, 11

Terms of rental of tourist equipment

Minimum rental period: 2 days

  • $100/€100/2500 UAH

You can also voluntarily leave the following for storage:

  • International passport + 1000 UAH*
  • Driver’s license + 1000 UAH*
  • Passport + 1000 UAH*
    *Cash remains as a security deposit in case of damage to equipment

The collateral value of boats:

  • Boat Bark 240 – $150/€150/6000 грн
  • Boat Bark 270 – $200/€200/8000 грн


We reserve the right to refuse to rent bicycles if:
– persons under 18 years;
– doubt about the authenticity of the documents;
– persons who explicitly use alcohol or drugs;
– the manager of the rental point has the right to refuse to issue the equipment without explaining the reason for the refusal.


The price for renting tents in the Veliki.ua rental network is shown in the table below. Also in our online store you can buy a tent.

NAME/DAYS1 day, UAH2 days, UAH3 days, UAH4 days, UAH5 days, UAHWeek, UAH
Double tent150250350440520650
Triple tent180280380470560740
Quad tent200400550650750930


Double tents

Rent a double tent Terra Incognita Alfa2/Camp 2/Mirage 2/Bravo 2
Double tent Terra Incognita Alfa2 – ideal for hiking or camping. Lightweight, quick and easy to install, with good ventilation, a convenient wide vestibule.



Triple tents

Rent a three-man tent Terra Incognita Alfa 3
Three-person tent Terra Incognita Alfa3 – a three-season version of a light and compact tent for 3-4 people. A wide vestibule, good ventilation and reliable stretching make the tent an irreplaceable option for a hike or just for outdoor recreation.

Rent a three-man tent Terra Incognita Omega 3/Platou 3
Three-person tent Terra Incognita Omega 3 designed for 3-4 people, has 2 convenient entrances and, accordingly, 2 vestibules for storing things and access to a sleeping place provide excellent ventilation. Easy installation / disassembly.



Quad tents

Rent a four-person tent Terra Incognita Zeta 4
Four-person tent Terra Incognita Zeta 4 designed for 4-5 people. It has two entrances for perfect ventilation. One entrance has a large enough vestibule for storing things and organizing a tourist kitchen. The tent is set up quickly and easily.

Rent a four-person tent Terra Incognita Camp 4
The 4-person camping tent of the “tunnel” type is spacious enough for 4 people, and the comfortable vestibule will allow organizing a camping kitchen or storing things in a place protected from rain and wind. Thanks to the optimal design of the “half roll” frame, the tent is quite comfortable to use. Easy and quick to install. Reliable taped seams.



Rent a light tent Terra Incognita Tarp 3×3/3×4/4×5 has a compact package, it is an excellent option for storing camping equipment, shelter from rain or sun. It can be installed in front of the tent as a vestibule, or above the tent as an additional layer of protection. Can be installed either on a support in the center, or suspended from above with guy wires.

Rental set of racks Terra Incognita for tent or awning Tarp
Steel poles with a diameter of 16 mm (two pieces) and weighing 1.38 kg are suitable for tents Grand 5, Olympia 4, Family 5, awnings Tarp and the tent Picnic.




The prices for sleeping bags rental in the Veliki.ua rental network are shown in the table below. In our online store you can buy a sleeping bag.

NAME/DAYS1 day, UAH2 days, UAH3 days, UAH4 days, UAH5 days, UAHWeek, грн
Sleeping bags120200280340400550

Rent a sleeping bag Turbat Vatra – lightweight and comfortable sleeping bag of “cocoon” design. Suitable for summer and off-season use. High quality outer and inner layer of the sleeping bag guarantees warm and comfortable nights in the fresh air.

Sleeping bag/SpecificationsTemperature, °C
Filler, g/m2Weight, kg
Packing, cmSize, cm
Vatra 2S-14/0/+4 2х750,99 – 1,04∅20 х 21200
Vatra 3S-22/-5/02х1251,28 – 1,35∅20 x 26210

Rent a sleeping bag Terra Incognita Asleep 200/400 – a series of high quality “blanket with a hood” sleeping bags. It has reliable fittings, a collar with ties, and the shape of the blanket allows it to be used both as a sleeping bag and as a bedding.

Sleeping bag/SpecificationsTemperature, °C
Filler, g/m2Weight, kg
Packing, cmSize, cm
Asleep 200-4/+6/+242×1001,43 – 1,59∅22 × 34190+30×80

Rent a sleeping bag Terra Incognita Pharaon – modern, high quality and reliable sleeping bag of the “cocoon” type with a hood. Suitable for hiking, mountaineering and alpine tourism.

Sleeping bag/SpecificationsTemperature, °C
Filler, g/m2Weight, kg
Packing, cmSize, cm
Pharaon-12/-5/+202×1501,67 – 1,78∅23 × 38230×80/55

Rent a sleeping bag Terra Incognita Compact – ultra-modern series of anatomically designed sleeping bags of the “cocoon” type for demanding users who need good thermal insulation properties with a minimum weight and volume.

Sleeping bag/SpecificationsTemperature, °C
Filler, g/m2Weight, kg
Packing, cmSize, cm
Compact 700+1/+12/+232×700,70 – 0,75∅15 × 25230×80/55
Compact 1000–7/+2/+172×1001,10 – 1,17∅17 × 36230×80/55


Rental of tourist equipment is not only a rental of sleeping bags and tents. It also includes backpacks, hammocks, cauldrons and other equipment that can be useful on a hike. Or make going out into nature much more comfortable.

NAME/DAYS1 day, UAH2 days, UAH3 days, UAH4 days, UAH5 days, UAHWeek, UAH
Backpacks 50/70 л150250350440530650
Backpacks 80/100 л180280370450550700
Poncho cape70120170210240300
Hammock Turbat100150200250300350
Cauldron 10/15 л100150200250300350
Folding table 180/801 day – 200 UAH (застава 1000 UAH)
Стілець туристичний, м’який1 day – 50 UAH (застава 200 UAH)
BoatsWeekday, UAHDay off, UAH
Boat Bark 240500600
Boat Bark 270600700



Hire of tourist backpacks Terra Incognita Mountain 50L/65L/80L – versatile travel backpack for long hikes, mountain climbing and multi-day expeditions.

Description of backpacks Mountain 50L/65L/80L

  • fully ventilated back
  • Anatomically reinforced ventilated waist belt with pockets
  • anatomical design of ventilated shoulder straps, height adjustable
  • chest strap
  • detachable flap with internal document pocket, large top compartment with organizer and key clip
  • help signals sewn into the valve
  • front pouch pocket
  • inner pocket H2O and a special valve for the drinking system
  • extended length compression side straps
  • loops for ice equipment and poles
  • two lower side mesh pockets
  • lower entrance and partition with “zip”
  • reinforced bottom

Want to rent a backpack? We offer to buy a tourist backpack in our online store.

Nice travel stuff

Tourist chair for rent – it is an excellent solution for outdoor recreation near a fire or for fishing. You no longer need to stand or sit on the ground, evening gatherings near the fire become even more sincere and comfortable.

Karemats for rent – a tourist mat, a mat for sitting / lying on the ground, 180×50 cm in size.Can be used as a mat on the ground for gatherings near a fire or for thermal insulation of the human body from the soil while spending the night in a tent, increases the comfort of a tourist’s sleep, protects a sleeping bag from moisture and gusts.

Tripod for boiler/cauldron for rent – spacers-stops of 3 steel rods with a hook for holding a tourist / camping boiler, cauldron with a handle over the fire. The length of the rods when folded is 100 cm. The tripod is rented with a cover.

Tourist hammock rental, without a bar – a great option for outdoor recreation. Reading a book, listening to music, watching a movie in nature is comfortable lying in a hammock. The touring hammock is lightweight and attaches to anchor points (posts, trees, etc.)



Tourist boiler rental 10 liters for cooking fish soup, pilaf and other outdoor dishes in nature. You can rent a tripod to the cauldron for holding.


Hire of tourist poncho capes Terra Incognita CapeBag L-XL – the versatile design is designed for use as a simple cape, and specifically for wearing over a large backpack. The long detachable zipper allows you to easily put on the cape yourself without removing the backpack.

  • anatomical hood
  • H2O 3000 mm
  • taped seams
  • compact packaging
  • long detachable zipper