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We would like our country to become a little cleaner, our ecology to improve, and our people to get healthier. We are sure that together we can achieve this faster! We want bicycles to occupy the same place in our life as mobile phones, without which we already cannot imagine ourselves. We do not strive for anything which is impossible to implement. We follow the example of Europe, where bicycles long ago became an everyday means of transportation not only on the forest paths, but also in the city, where the number of healthy and active people is much higher than in our country. If you aren’t indifferent to the destiny of the future generations, the destiny of your children, – don’t wait for the wonder to happen, join us and let’s work side by side towards the noble aim. You don’t know where to start? Don’t worry! We will teach you, guide you and support you.
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In order to set up your own business, it is necessary to start from scratch and go through all the stages of its creation. It is often long and troublesome. There is no guarantee that you will be successful in it. It is easier and safer for a beginner businessman to buy a franchise. All over the world franchise is considered more reliable in comparison with usual small businesses. The business is well-tried and thoroughly tested in practice during some time. It has taken a certain niche in the certain market segment, having established a positive reputation. Buying a franchise, a beginner businessman receives the right of running own business under the seller’s trademark, which leads to the instant acquiring of reputation among the customers of one more point. Selling the franchise, the seller gives the buyer a standard package of documents which includes directions as for equipment, suppliers, methods and techniques of business dealing, organizes a training course, so that the buyer of the franchise can soon start his new business. In the process of work the seller provides the buyer with the needed consultations and together with him finds solutions to arising problems. The presence of the trademark in the network enables every franchise owner to use the whole power of advertising of this trademark, advertise his product or service in the regional network on a larger scale than it’s done by ordinary small businesses. In the frame of the network the seller of the franchise permits the buyer to buy consumables and accessories at reduced prices, either from the seller company itself or from certain suppliers, besides, such possibilities make the supply system reliable and beneficial for the buyer of the franchise. The buyer, when buying a franchise, should keep in mind that he does not work alone, but in the frame of the network. He is an important link in the network of similar franchise owners and must follow all the rules of franchise cooperation, act within the network according to the principles of mutually effective collaboration, support and mutual assistance of other participants and conscientious attitude to his responsibilities, other members of the network, trademark and customers.

Financial requirements

Franchise «Bicycle rental»
FROM 8 000 UAH TO 10 000 UAH
Franchise «Bicycle service»
FROM 5 000 UAH TO 8 000 UAH
Franchise «Bicycle tour sale»
FROM 5 000 UAH TO 8 000 UAH
Franchise «Package 3 options»
FROM 10 000 UAH TO 15 000 UAH
Franchise «Bicycle sale»

Expenses on launching the higher point, including the initial fee: from $2 000 to $15 000 (depending on the number of bicycles needed and premises rent payment)
Royalty: 5%-10% of income or 450 UAH minimum
Advertising fee: 1 000 UAH at the beginning and 450 UAH monthly

Therewith you:

  • do not pay for the domain and hosting of the site;
  • do not deal with the safety of the site;
  • do not bother SEO, SMM;
  • do not lose any sleep over Google Ads and other types of online advertising;
  • concentrate on the main business;
  • can send interesting routes, bicycle tours and other useful information for posting.

For existing bicycle rentals, services, shops there are discounts from -5% to -25% to join the network.

Organizational requirements

  • The number of personnel in one point: 1-2 people.
  • Requirements for the premises: proximity to the park zones with good traffic interchange.
  • Requirements for the area: existence of parks, park zones, bicycle paths, places, suitable for riding a bicycle.

After signing the contract within 1 month the franchisee receives 1 set of brand T-shirts and caps (1 black and 1 white – work uniform and full uniform).

The instruction is conducted through training under the aegis of the franchise seller for 1-3 days

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