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Water bike rental

water bike construction
There is an opinion that a bicycle is ground transportation. However, we assure you that this is not the case. A bicycle can also be a water transport. This requires just a small addition in the form of a special catamaran. Introducing the water bike rental.

Water bike rental is an excellent and non-standard type of recreation in the summer. And cycling along the river can be either corporate or individual. Do you want to surprise yourself, your soul mate or a team tired of routine? Water bicycles are the answer to the eternal question – “how to spend time interestingly?”

What are water bike?

Wave Runner (water bike) is a special folding structure in the form of a catamaran, which is propelled by a bicycle. Namely, the bike is placed on a structure. The catamaran can be fitted with a bicycle with wheels from 20 “to 28”. The catamaran itself folds in 8-10 minutes and is transported in a special backpack. As a result, a backpack with a catamaran weighs about 11 kg.

water bike

life vestIt is important to remember about safety. Firstly, be sure to rent a life jacket (you can from us). Secondly, a catamaran with a bicycle is stable on waves, provided that the weight distribution is correct. Therefore, we do not install child seats on the bike under any circumstances. And large loads on such a structure can create an imbalance. Therefore, we recommend taking a small bag or a not heavy backpack with you. You can easily place your things in the basket, which, by the way, are supplied with our bicycles.

Renting water bicycles will allow you to sail away from problems and worries. And also change the atmosphere of the stuffy city for a boat trip. It’s almost as cool as sailing, but without a lot of people. And hence the music. You can choose what to listen to and at what volume.

It’s important to know!

Water bike rental is available only with prior reservation. The minimum rental time is 5 hours. Delivery and assembly of bicycles with wave runners to the location is possible. An experienced instructor will also arrive at the venue, who will give instructions on assembly, safety and behavior on the water on water bikes.

water water cycling

water cycling water cycling

With our water bikes, you will definitely be provided with a positive charge and a fun mood! If you are an adherent of the classics, that is, ordinary bicycles, then you can rent bicycles. Well, or we suggest buying a bike, so for sure 🙂

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