Сезонное и ответственное хранение велосипедов Киев, Обухов, Одесса

The service – a responsible/seasonal storage of bicycles Kyiv, Bucha, Irpin, Odessa. “Hotel” for a bicycle.

We rent rooms at the hotel for your bikes.
Season 2023-2024
SPA”, oiling, “massage” and other wellness treatments for your bike depending on the package or extra payment.
(Kyiv, Odesa)

…We ride on it on parks, roads, mud. Throw it in the grass, on asphalt and drove on his “hump” heavy bags and ourselves. He served us this season faithfully! It’s time to take care of it, and send it to relax, improve its health, so that next season he did not disappoint us. Balcony for him is not the place of which he dreamed, carrying you. He wants the hotel: to relax, to catch up on sleep, as it should, to have his teeth, gear and his massive beautiful chain s brushed, rubbed his “body” with oil and made a massage of pedals. But to say seriously, now we present you with our service…

Responsible / seasonal storage of bicycles

Autumn is the time for the rainy and cool weather. There is no longer possible as often ride a bike as in the summer, and with the onset of winter we will need to forget on the bike at least until mid-March. The cycling season for most bike users came to an end, and in this period arises the question of bicycle storage. Not everyone has the ability to store the bike in a garage or other separate space, and, as a rule, he finds his temporary peace in the hallway or at the balcony of the apartment, or even at a common stairwell. But here lies the danger for your “iron horse.” When you store a bicycle not in proper conditions is fraught with consequences – a chain, and the stars are “red” of rust, deteriorate tires, deteriorating basic units of the bike. In addition, the recent increase in thefts of bicycles with common balconies, and most of us usually refers to property insurance with skepticism.

For «Veliki» cycling season also came to an end, and we are also worried about the safety and efficiency of our Bike Park, which is more than 650 “horses”. As responsible owners, we have developed a program for seasonal / winter storage of bicycles and offer you to join it. If you are worried about the “fighting capacity” of your two-wheeled friend in the new cycling season, feel free to contact us!


In previous years, we conducted a market research and a survey of our regular customers regarding the “winter / seasonal bicycle storage” service and made conclusions about the key advantages of storage here:

  • We really have a spacious warm warehouse for storing bicycles, and not a garage, utility room or just the territory of the store.
  • All client and our rental bikes are stored in boxes and, therefore, they do not scratch each other and do not dust.
  • We insure all bicycles in case of fire, theft, flood and other unforeseen circumstances (insurance is included in the cost of storage).
  • We do sign a storage agreement, where all conditions are stated, and are fully responsible for the safety of your property.
  • We offer Full Bike Maintenance for storage from just 249 UAH and provide a 15% discount on spare parts and accessories necessary for Maintenance.
  • This is not the first year that we have been providing the Responsible / Seasonal Storage of Bicycles service, we have extensive experience in this field, and our regular customers have been with us for many years.
  • On our site you can read real reviews from our customers.
  • We offer only what we use ourselves, since our entire rental fleet is stored out of season in these conditions.

Your advantages:

  • from 2,95 UAH per 1 day of storage of children’s bicycle;
  • from 6,60 UAH per 1 day of storage of an adult bicycle;
  • no more problems, inconvenience and anxiety due to the lack of free space on the narrow and cold balcony, in the hallway of apartment, cottage or unheated garage and unsafe storage in the stairwell or common corridor;
  • now the insurance has a headache for the safety of your bike;
  • on the expiry date, you get your bike clean and well-groomed and oiled.

Tariffs for safekeeping of bicycles, season 2023-2024:

We introduce a single tariff for bicycle storage – only 200 UAH/month without time limits!
Leave more than 2 months, get a discount!
Keep your bikes year-round!

Services/tariff packageAdult bicycle
(FROM 20″)
Children bicycle
(UP TO 20″)
Electric bike*Scooter, electric scooter**
Storage periodUnlimited
Storage cost,
1 month
200 UAH4,60 UAH/day90 UAH2,95 UAH/day250 UAH8,20 UAH/dayfrom 90 UAHfrom 2,95 UAH/day
Minimum storage period2 months
Storage cost when paying
6 months
900 UAH4,95 UAH/day450 UAH2,50 UAH/day1250 UAH6,85 UAH/dayfrom 450 UAHfrom 2,50 UAH/day
Storage in the store with the possibility of picking up on any day (without packaging, conservation, diagnostics)20 UAH/day20 UAH/day30 UAH/day**
For regular customers-10%
Storage for 3 bicycles/scooters-20%
Forced migrants
(it is necessary to show documents confirming this)
Tariff package “Veliki.Safe.Friends”5th bike is stored for FREE
Tariff package “Veliki.Safe.Business”Individual miscalculation

* The higher cost of storing e-bicycles is associated with proper storage, periodic inspection and recharging to the correct level of the e-bike battery.
** Important! The bike or scooter is accepted for storage complete with a charger.

What includes custody service?

  • Diagnostics on the serviceability of a bicycle
  • Conservation bicycle components
  • Packing a bike in an individual box
  • Storage in an area protected from the environment
  • Bicycle insurance for the entire storage period

Storage in the store is storing your bike like a parking lot, for example. You simply take/lease your bike to our managers, it is stored in the store (diagnostics, preservation and packing are not included in this package), and you pick it up when, if and for how long you want. The length of storage and number of pickups of the bike is irrelevant. You simply put the bike in the “parking lot” at our store.

Tariff plan “Veliki.Safe.Business”
Are u doing the same or another form of bike business as we do? Then you, our colleagues, and as no one else understands the need to keep the park in working condition for the next season. With you, we are ready to discuss even more loyal conditions for the storage of bicycles out of cycling season! Please contact the above contacts. We are ready for dialogue.

Extra charge services

The cost of a full bike maintenance-30% (upon delivery before 01.12.2023)
Discount for maintenance parts-15%
Delivery/collection of bicycles500 UAH
Bike wash75 UAH

Only for our customers Full bike maintenance with a 30% discount (subject to the bike delivery before 12/01/2023).

  • It’s profitable. In the season, the cost of full maintenance starts from 800 UAH, we offer 30% cheaper.
  • It’s comfortable. When the next season opens and everyone rushes to the workshops to repair their wicks, you will be ready to ride. No queues or expectations for weeks.
  • It is economical. When conducting a full MOT with us, you get a 15% discount on the necessary spare parts and accessories for repairing your bike.

You can also order delivery/fence of the bike. Our courier will arrive at a convenient time for you, tell you all the conditions, draw up documents on the spot and pick up your bike (s). Individual bike delivery one way – 500 UAH.

But! This year, we introduce a profitable delivery. Bicycle fence on Saturdays is only 300 UAH. Do not rush anywhere on Saturday, want to stay longer at home and save money? Great, call our courier on Saturday.

What you need to do to use the service “Seasonal bicycle storage”?:

  1. It is enough to send us a request for safekeeping in the e-mail [email protected] or call
    • +38-050-388-27-01 (Kyiv)
    • +38-050-388-48-22 (Odesa);
  2. As agreed with you, our courier will come to you, at your place to execute documents and take your bike;
    Or, at the agreed time in advance, you will come to us with the bike at the following addresses:

    • Kyiv Phone: +38-050-388-27-01
      • Beresteyskyi Ave, 89A (Peremohy Ave, 89A), Sviatoshyn subway
      • Knyazhyi Zaton St, 11, Poznyaki subway
      • Courier: 500 UAH
    • Odesa: Pushkins’ka St, 28. Phone: +38-050-388-48-22

What do you need to take your bike on the expiry date?

  • You must contact us by e-mail [email protected] or on these phones, and say your name, contract number storage;
  • As agreed with you, our courier will come to you, will issue the necessary documents, and gives you your bike;
  • Or, at the agreed time in advance, you arrive at thereby address above.