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A BIKE will help you:


1. Savings and travel more. You will always be on time, because bike riding to work will help avoid traffic jams. And everyone knows that time - it's money.

2. This is useful for your health. Proved that regular exercise during 30 minutes per day can: improve your mood, increase efficiency (and hence welfare), raise your spirits and give energy, stimulate new ideas generation and desires formation, your life will be much longer.

3. You will be in excellent physical shape. Ideal sport to maintain body tone is cycling. You can prepare for the beach season with minimal effort.

4. This is ecological for your city. Cycling helps to improve the environment. For example, cyclists in Copenhagen annually save the planet from 90 tons of CO2 emissions into the atmosphere.


How cheap and quickly travelled around Ukraine or explore interesting places within the city? How to find the most beautiful places to see?
Rent a bike today and get a free bicycle route as present-veliki-velomarshrut.


Reasons to choose our company:

We provide european standards of service quality and booking bicycles.

  • The largest in Ukraine bike rental network, service and sales of bicycles.
  • Constantly updated bikes with the highest quality
  • Fast processing booking service of bicycles and accessories
  • Individual and flexible approach to clients (a system of bonuses and discounts, bicycle schools for beginners)
  • A franchise program (you can start a bicycle rental business today).
  • We constantly grow, develop and move forward.

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We organised corporate events, individual cycling and bicycle tours:
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If you do not have a vehicle and you want to buy a bike in Kiev or any other city in Ukraine, we will tell you how to choose the right bike according to your driving style. We wil definitely provide good advice in choosing right bike for you. More over in one of our bike rental station we can help you to test the bike before puchaising.

If you are an active cyclist we invite you to bike repair station in Kiev, in Lviv and other cities of Ukraine. A list of all stations in a section "All rental and repair bike stations".


Book a bicycle in your city now to relax on the weekends with 110% sureness.



Additional information about hire of bicycles and accessories, bicycle routes and tours can be found on the website

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