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Rent of walkie-talkies and headsets

Do you need a walkie-talkie for rent for organizing outdoor activities or holding an event? Veliki.ua will be happy to help. Rent of walkie-talkies and headsets in Kyiv will help in holding any event where well-coordinated and accurate work, accuracy in schedule and at the same time saving time on movement is important. Various ranges and technical characteristics of radios for rent will allow you to choose the equipment you need exactly in your case. We provide a choice of Motorola T-5622 personal amateur radio stations or Motorola CP040 and Motorola CP140 professional radio stations. In addition to walkie-talkies, we offer a headset for rent separately. See the list of available headsets for rental below.
In addition to renting radio stations and headsets, we offer delivery, testing and training of personnel in the use of radios. You don’t have to do anything. We will do everything for you.

Renting walkie-talkies and headsets will also be useful for marshals on bike rides. During such events, many participants rent a bicycle and do not have enough experience to move in a column. It is in such cases that walkie-talkies will be useful to marshals. To promptly communicate information about the change to the column leader.

You can rent a walkie-talkie and a headset in Kyiv at

Sviatoshyn subway, Beresteiskyi Ave, 89A (Peremohy Ave, 89A)
(preliminary call is required)

We offer the following walkie-talkie and headset for rent:

Personal amateur radios

Do you like to spend your leisure time comfortably?? Hunting, fishing, sports will become even more interesting if you rent well-proven personal amateur radio stations Motorola T-5622.

For outdoor activities (hunting, fishing, sports), the Motorola T-5622 radio will be an excellent choice due to its technical characteristics. The versatility of the radio station lies in the fact that it can operate both on NiCd rechargeable batteries and on AA batteries (without a special adapter). Voice control is available in the radio (VOX function), which allows you to automatically turn on the Motorola T-5622 radio station. This requires an additional headset (hands free), which you can rent from us. List of available headsets below.

– Range in open areas – 8 km.

– Range in urban environments – 3 km.
– The range within the building is 1 km.

Walkie-talkie functions:

– Built-in antenna
– Headset jack
– Splash-proof housing
– Vibrating alert
– Squelch
– Scanning
– List of scan channels
– Keypad lock
– Timer transmission
– Indicator – the channel is busy
– 10 types of call signals
– Receive signal (Roger Beep)
– Backlight display at the radio
– Battery charge indicator
– Turning on the transmitter by voice (VOX, Hands free)
– Microphone sensitivity adjustment
– Battery saving mode
– Keypad press confirmation signal
– Low battery warning signal
from 50 UAH


Professional radio stations

Business executives, builders, security structures, organizers of promotions and events where precise work of the staff is required prefer to rent professional radio stations

Motorola CP040

Motorola CP040 is a radio that is ideal for use in small and medium-sized enterprises specializing in warehousing, agriculture, security, light industry and services. The four-channel walkie-talkie CP040 is as simple and convenient to use as possible, does not require much time for training and guarantees subscribers communication without being distracted by the complex functions of the radio station. Supervisors and managers can track employee conversations and send a message to staff in seconds.

– 4 channels
– Range 136-162, 146-174
– Power 1-5 W

Walkie-talkie functions:

– 2 programmable buttons for quick access to frequently used functions.
– 2 power levels, using low power can extend the battery life up to 19 hours.
– By design, the stations of the series comply with the American standard MIL 810F and exceed the stringent requirements of the IP54 level – the standard of protection against external influences. All radios in this series have successfully passed the Accelerated Durability Test cycle, simulating 5 years of intensive use in harsh field conditions.
– Motorola’s X-PandTM audio compression technology delivers high quality radio sound.
– Scan mode.
– Operating temperature range from -30° С to + 60° С.
from 50 UAH

Motorola CP140

The Motorola CP140 radio is designed for use in construction, installations and in difficult weather conditions. Ideal for work of structures that ensure security (private security companies, OVOs, internal security services of enterprises), in industrial warehouses, in workshops, including in conditions of strong electromagnetic interference.
The radio is equipped with X-PandTM speech compression technology, which guarantees excellent sound quality, and the “whisper” function, which, when necessary (when low noise is important), even the quietest sound will be transmitted clearly and without distortion.Specifications:
– Number of channels – 16
– Frequency grid step, kHz – 12.5/20/25
– Frequency range, MHz – 146-174
– Range of work. temperatures, °С -30 +60, term. beats -40 +80
– Battery life (duty cycle 5-5-90%) – 10-19 hours
– Dimensions, mm – 130.5×62.0x42.0
– Weight, g – 377Walkie-talkie functions:

– CTCSS/DCS tone squelch systems
– Scan, priority scan
– X-Pand speech compression for high quality sound
– Built-in voice control transmission circuit (can be used with compatible accessories).
– Programmable interchannel separation value – 12.5/20/25 kHz.
– Busy channel blocking
– Removing the interfering channel
– Whisper Mode – increases the sensitivity of the microphone and allows you to negotiate in secret from others.
– The transmission time limiter automatically turns off transmission if it lasts longer than the allowed time (for example, if the transmission button is accidentally jammed by foreign objects).
from 50 UAH


Hands-Free Headsets

Available for rent and compatible with most professional radios.
Headset rental cost: from 20 UAH/day.


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