ремонт автобагажников и автобоксов

Repair of car racks and rooftop cargo carriers

погрузка вещей в автобокс

Rooftop cargo carrier – is not overly expensive, but not free, of course. There are situations when a car box, which has served faithfully for many years, has transported an incredible amount of things and equipment, suddenly breaks down. Breakdowns are different – from a simple loss of keys to broken lifting mechanisms. The situation is not pleasant, but in many cases fixable. For more than 10 years our company has been renting car racks, boxes and fasteners for transportation и selling bicycles, and now we have a new service – repair of rooftop cargo carriers and car racks.

What do we offer?

Repair and maintenance of rooftop cargo carriers and trunks Thule, Amos, Aguri, Terra Drive, Junior.

  • we replace boxing larvae and luggage systems;
  • selection of car roof racks;
  • maintenance of movable systems, boxing mechanisms / lubrication of locks;
  • replacement of box cover lifters;
  • replacement of the cover of the auto box / bottom of the box;
  • repair of plastic cracks;
  • selection of lost keys;
  • repair of bike carriers;
  • repair of ski carriers;
  • sale of cross-member caps, rubber seals, belts for securing cargo.

To order the service, just call, report the type of breakdown and the model of the trunk or box, and make an appointment. After a detailed inspection, we will order the necessary spare parts, if they are not available, and we will repair the car trunk. We can repair the car trunk with you, or you can leave it with our master. When ready, the master will contact you.

Prices and cost of work

Spare part*PriceReplacement cost
The cover for the cargo box Terra Drive2300 UAH250 UAH
The cover for the cargo box Terra Drive (black gloss)2900 UAH250 UAH
Bottom for the cargo box Terra Drive3000 UAH250 UAH
Lock cylinder with key for boxing Terra Drive250 UAH150 UAH
Holder for boxes Terra Drive250 UAH150 UAH
T-adapterJunior/Terra Drive T-Nut799 UAH

*Spare parts in stock and on order.

So, if your box is broken, damaged due to improper storage or transportation, call and come. We will try to help!

Phone for consultation and orders +38 (050) 388-27-97