Bicycle tours and Routes. Biking excursions

This information will be interesting for those who do not like to sit on the weekend in the 4 walls, playing on the computer, melts on the asphalt in the summer in the city and breathe car exhaust fumes!

We offer together with us to ride a bike in a beautiful, green corners of our country.

Positive emotions, picturesque views of nature and plenty of oxygen is guaranteed! For detailed information, see the description of tours and excursions.

Велосипедные туры, маршруты по Украине

For you, we have collected the most interesting bike tours and Routes all over Ukraine and beyond. Of course, this is not all tours of the world, but in our database collected the best tours held by our guides.

Tours and excursions, routes are divided into several categories: from free to paid, alsp an individual tors that may be made specially for you. Tours are grouped by geographical areas: Cycling tours in the Carpathians, Bicycle tours across Crimea, Bicycle tours with other parts of Ukraine, and tours of Kiev and Kiev region. Most tours is tied to specific dates. The dates when the tour starting, you can see directly in the description of the tour or tours in the Calendar

For those who want to order a personalized tour w offer to send us request: Contact.