Bicycle rental point in Dnipro, Yevropeiska st, 30

City: Dnipro
Region: Dnipro
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Rental Conditions

A prerequisite for clients before to get bicycle/accessories is the deposit.

You can leave VOLUNTARILY for storage as follows*:

  • Your passport + 500 UAH
  • Your international passport + 500 UAH
  • Your driver’s license + 500 UAH


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In addition, we accept as collateral:

  • MTB – €200/$250/7000 UAH
  • City bike – €150/$200/6000 UAH

We reserve the right to refuse to rent bicycles if:
– doubt about the authenticity of the documents;
– persons under 18 years;
– persons who explicitly use alcohol or drugs etc.;
– the manager of the rental point has the right to refuse to issue the equipment without explaining the reason for the refusal.

With us renting a bike, you get a free helmet and lock (if necessary).

Additional Information

Bicycle rental in Dnipro is located in the very center of the city, 100 meters from the city embankment.

Cycling along the city embankment is the most popular due to:

    • comfortable coverage;
    • picturesque views;
    • many attractions;
    • interesting objects for recreation.

Here you can:

    • see the famous 29-storey hotel Parus, built in the 70s of the last century;
    • visit the legendary restaurant “Poplavok”;
    • admire the Temple of St. John the Baptist;
    • take excellent panoramic photos at the main place of city holidays – the Festival pier and the observation deck of the park. T. G. Shevchenko;
    • get to the Monastyrsky Island with the Temple of St. Nicholas;
    • sunbathe on the equipped beaches of the island;
    • go wakeboarding or water skiing at the city water sports stadium;
    • have fun at the Happy Day water park;
    • relax in the new Pribrezhny public garden equipped with sports and playgrounds, recreation areas and a beach;
    • take a walk in the yacht club “Sich”.

And the most hardy ones can reach the historical and architectural monument “Kodatska fortress”, which is located on the picturesque hills above the Dnieper.

The famous Dnieper embankment stretches very close. And it is famous primarily for being the longest embankment in Europe. Consists of three successive parts: Zavodskaya embankment, Sicheslavskaya embankment and Pobedy embankment. The street itself is kept clean and tidy, so it can be proudly called a European holiday destination. An indescribable feeling from a walk along this street, leaving into the distance, branching off into several paths and smoothly flowing into a single path again. Such a trip will also please the fact that immediately opposite you can move to the monastery island, where the Shevchenko park is located. Probably the most beautiful park in the city. Many tourists and residents of the city rent a bike from us along the Dnieper in order to have time to ride through the most significant places in the city, relax in squares and huge parks (on both sides of the Dnieper river).

Only we rent bicycles in Dnipro for cheap and high quality.

We carefully monitor the excellent technical condition of our bike park at the rental points. And thanks to the low price policy, we strive so that everyone can rent a bike.

At each point, you will always be advised the bike that is right for you, will show you the basics of caring for your bike while walking. You will get a lot of positive emotions from such a walk.

Where can I find a bike rental in Dnipro?

Our bike rental office is located at Yevropeiska st, 30 (in the yard)