Стоимость проката


The cost of renting bicycles in Odessa from the company veliki.ua

Bicycle1 hour2-4 hoursHalf day (5 hours)/
24 hours2 days3-5 daysWeek
MTB/gravel120for 100450550900for 3502100
Tandem180for 140600

Prices at each rental point may differ. These prices are indicated for the Odessa.
Check the details with the managers or look at the page of a specific rental point in the “Rent price” section.

​Bicycle accessories rental cost

Bicycle carrier25
Rear lights25
Front light25
Bike bag50
Backpack for personal belongings50
Smartphone handbag50
Mat (Karemat)25
Kids bicycle seat150 *
Cover for transporting a bicycle in a train/plane25
Repair kit0*

Accessories are available at our bike points.
* – Please, notice, that if you rent a bicycle from us we may provide you with some particular accessories for free!