Bike quests

If we talk about non-standard entertainment at corporate parties, then veliki.ua is a guarantee of an active and unforgettable team time. We have extensive experience in organizing sports events and corporate entertainment. What does it have to do with both summer cycling and winter skiing and snowboarding. We offer many different options for creative corporate events, from sports bike rides to event equipment rental.
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But one of the cycling parties most beloved by our clients are bike quests. The bike quest is a series of logic and search tasks over a relatively short distance, which can be easily overcome by bicycles. They can be both competitive between several teams among your employees, as well as a single goal for one team.

When developing a quest script, we always specify how you want it to be – linear or non-linear. Linear quest implies that all tasks must be solved in a certain sequence. That is, without completing the previous task, you will not be able to proceed to the next one. A non-linear quest involves the parallel solution of different tasks.

Cycling quests are:

  • teamwork;
  • delegation of tasks;
  • identifying and using the strengths of the participants;
  • mutual help and support;
  • the spirit of competition;
  • short and interesting version of the project.


When preparing assignments and developing a scenario, it is important for us to have the following input data

Do you have any wishes for the location of the quest? If not, then we offer several options depending on the general task of the questWhat’s the overall challenge? Just a fan or you put a different message into the performance. For example, the winning team receives a bonus, promotion, or the opportunity to lead a new projectThe total number of participants and the principle of their division? Is it important for a common goal to have a certain division into teams – by department, by hobby, etc.To write a quest that will meet the assigned tasks, it is necessary to highlight its theme. This could be a general topic such as Treasure Hunt or a work topic such as your company’s history

After receiving all the necessary information, we clarify the remaining details of the organization of the event. Namely, do your employees need to rent bicycles or do they all have their own? Is it necessary to additionally organize meals after the bike quest, etc. These components make up an ideal cycling corporate event as a whole. And then we create, and you enjoy a well-organized event in the format of a bicycle quest.

We can organize your event “turnkey”We work on cash and non-cash payment systemsIf necessary, we sign an agreement between companies on the provision of servicesBefore the event, the technical condition of the rented equipment is checked by our mechanicsThe company’s truck will deliver the required number of bicycles to the location of the event

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