Экстрим шоу

Extreme show

Bicycle extreme show is a bright and colorful entertainment for any audience, from small children to serious men in suits. After all, a bike show is, first of all, extreme and adrenaline. Bicycle stunts, jumps, overcoming obstacles – this is not the whole list of the proposed elements of the show.

An extreme bike show can perfectly fit into the concept of opening new stores and shopping and entertainment centers, become a part of nightclub shows, corporate parties, at any celebration on the occasion of a holiday or during the performance of artists and various competitions.

Extreme bike shows can be held outdoors or indoors with sufficient space. The show may involve surrounding objects such as railings, stairs, stages, pedestals, fences. If the location does not imply the presence or use of suitable surrounding objects, then obstacles can be created by us from the brought objects (pallets, beams, tree trunks, hemp, etc.)

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Organization of any “turnkey” event. You can order a separate extreme show or the organization of a whole complex of entertainment.We work on a cash and non-cash payment systemIf necessary, we sign an agreement between companies on the provision of servicesWe work all over Ukraine. Except temporarily uncontrolled territories

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