Лизинг велосипедов

Bicycle leasing

In addition to the development of bicycle rentals as a type of recreational leisure, we are also actively promoting the “Cycling to Work” movement, helping to create municipal rentals, installing bicycle parking in key public places, actively participating in the creation of bicycle infrastructure in recreation areas – VDNG and residences “Mezhyhirya”.


The leasing service will be of interest to companies that are ready to support their employees and motivate them to cycle to work. Join the worldwide positive experience of hundreds of companies, consolidate the image of a progressive business in which it is comfortable, “cool” and prestigious to work. In short, be eco-friendly.


Bicycle leasing program is formed individually for each client. The bicycles offered by our programs are a unique solution and the best combination of price / quality ratio. An important factor is that we provide equipment and equipment both with and without redemption options. This service gives you the opportunity for a small price to get an answer to such questions:


  • Are bicycles for you?
  • Will bicycles be in demand among your employees?

And if the answer is “Yes, we need these bicycles”, at the end of the season you can pay the difference and buy back the equipment.

If necessary, a bicycle parking is installed at your enterprise, and veliki.ua specialists conduct individual or mass cycling lessons for your employees. Separately for everyone there is an option for training at the School of Bicycle Mechanics.

Still have questions about bike leasing?
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