Infrastructure for cyclists is like water for fish – a must. Indeed, the life and health of a cyclist, who at the moment is the least protected both on paper (traffic rules) and on the road, often depends on it. In addition, the lack of proper, safe bike parking entails the likelihood of bike theft, which is now actively flourishing in Ukraine.

And unfortunately, in most Ukrainian cities, it is only at the initial level of development. Of course, the cycling infrastructure is part of the transport infrastructure and must fit into the concept of the city’s development as a whole. But if you are a business representative (small, medium or large) and want to improve the working conditions of your cyclist employees, then our services will be simply irreplaceable. Why? Because we have been on the bicycle market for more than 10 years and are following a single mission – cycling in Ukraine, including business.

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What do we offer?

  1. Cycling Infrastructure Design:
    • where is it better to install bike parking;
    • which parking lots are best suited for each particular case;
    • how many parking lots are needed;
    • what else is needed for high-quality infrastructure;
    • where and what markings to apply;
    • what designations are needed, etc.
  2. Marking on asphalt, concrete with special paint.
  3. Designing bicycle parking for a specific location, for a specific amount, for specific conditions.
  4. Design of author’s, non-standard bicycle parking.
  5. Updating the existing bike infrastructure, repairing and upgrading.

We can organize separate stages or take the whole project on a turnkey basisWe work on cash and non-cash payment systemsIf necessary, we sign an agreement between the companiesWe can arrange delivery of parking lots to the placeWe work all over Ukraine. Except for temporarily uncontrolled territories

For consultation and order
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